The 21 Day Fix challenge was the perfect start I needed to make some lifestyle changes with my eating habits and activity level. I have never participated in any diet challenges and outside of my highly active job as a registered nurse, my exercise routine was extremely sporadic. However, I knew I needed a change. My diet consisted of fast food and microwave meals for lunch. I had a gym membership that was not getting used. Although I felt good in the skin I was in, I was tired of having a gut and making bad eating choices. I knew I wanted to make some changes, but I did not even know where to begin. I was introduced to the program through my amazing health coach, Krys Brunt. I invested in her because I was extremely inspired by her own health journey. She lost a ton of weight, completely on her own and I loved her new figure. I loved that she is a real woman with a real story.

My work with Krys recently began with the 21 Day Fix program by Autumn Calabrese, a certified celeb trainer. The program focuses on portion control and daily exercise routines to promote weight loss in 21 days. The results I have seen from this program are unbelievable, yet real! The portions are separated by color and food group. The food groups include protein, veggies, fruit, carbs, seeds & dressings and healthy fats. The daily food intake is based off of your weight and regular physical activity. A simple equation tells you how many calories you should have a day and that lets you know how many of each container (or food groups) you should have. Do not worry! This program is not heavy on calorie counting, which is great for newbies like myself. Once you realize how many portions you can have per day, it is so much easier planning out your meals and made it so much easier for me to get into meal prepping. I never meal prepped before and I barely cooked for myself prior to working with Krys. I am currently enjoying it! The program does come with an example eating plan if you need extra help staying disciplined.

Along with the portion control containers, the program also incorporates 30-minute workouts for each day of the week. Some of the workouts include focusing on upper-body, lower-body, yoga, cardio and strength training. The great thing about these workouts is that they can be done at home. I have worked out more at home than I did at the gym. These workouts aren’t easy but they definitely will give you fast results and wake up muscles in your body that you did not know existed! There are modifications to the exercises if you cannot fully do the workouts. Working out was not my strongest point in the program. Working long twelve-hour shifts overnight really hindered my quality of life at the time and it was very hard for me to workout in between shifts. Also the sudden passing of my grandmother halted my working out, but the change in eating patterns did not stop!

My favorite part of the program was Shakeology, the protein shakes. These shakes were great as a meal replacement when I would wake up for the day and helped fight junk food cravings. I loved having the shakes in the morning because I do not like to eat as soon as I get up but I know that I need something. Shakeology is a great way to start my day! Plus I finally was able to put that blender to use! Cafe Mocha has to be my favorite. I enjoy adding almond milk and vanilla extract to my shakes.

21 Day Fix Challenge

So I am sure you are wondering what my results were. I am proud to say that I lost 6 pounds and 5 inches in my chest and my waist. I am so proud of that because I felt like my body wasn’t changing especially with all of the barriers I faced. I think I am most proud of my water consumption! I have been drinking at least 10-11 cups of water a day. During the 21 Day Fix, the only other thing I had to drink was black coffee twice and that was to keep me up at night. I love fruit infused water and the Propel mixers to give my water a taste. That is all I crave now! I am so happy that I did this challenge! I cannot wait to kick start 21 Day Fix Extreme with a stricter eating plan and harder workouts!

21 Day Fix Challenge