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The 25 Project is an event series by The Strength of She, LLC that focuses on empowering and improving the lives of women in their 20s, particularly those who are 25 years old. When women turn 25, a plethora of emotions can arise and most of them can be attributed to the feelings that they aren’t where they thought they would be or doing what they thought they’d be doing with who they’d be doing it with. This is pretty common, and quarter-life crisis is becoming more common every day!

But we are here to show you that there is no “ideal” plan or situation at any given age, and that comparing yourself only makes things worse. You can have the life you want, with the tools and knowledge needed to get where you want to be. Join us as we launch The 25 Project, an event series that will tackle common issues and insecurities of young women  such as their life purpose, money management, careers and relationships, while enjoying food, fun and new company!

Your ticket includes lunch, a free mimosa, networking with local leading women, a favor from us, giveaways and a motivational talk with General Dentist, Entrepreneur and Speaker Dr. Lynna C. Scott! She owns Scott Dentistry with her father and is the President and CEO of her fashion company feisty.L LLC, which provides “Exclusive Style for the Exclusive Individual” as well as event planning services, and a touch of inspiration.

To make this event even better, a portion of the proceeds will go toward the programs at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis. You can’t beat fun, food and drinks, while investing in yourself and a great cause! So get your tickets, invite your friends and we will see you there!

I'm Attending The 25 Project to Find My Purpose! Are You? #the25project Click To Tweet

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