As with all things in LIFE, it’s always good to mix things up. The same concept applies when it comes to being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For some people healthy eating and exercising isn’t just to look good in their new freakum dress for that special occasion but a way of life. On the other hand, for those who are striving to change their body whether it is to tone up, lose body fat, or gain muscle; switching up your exercise routine and eating habits is a fun and simple way to achieve these goals. Depending on the goals you have will determine the modification implemented into your current routine.

Although I am passionate and educated on the subjects of health and fitness, I do not claim to know all things, which is why I am getting guidance from Dashaun “Guru of Abs’ Johnson. The Guru of Abs offers online workouts and nutrition plans for a fee. On occasion he will offer free 7-day and 30-day challenges with daily workouts and meal plans. I am trying to lose body fat and some inches around my waist. In order for me to achieve this goal, I need to increase the amount of daily calories burned, modify my diet, and have an exercise plan focused on my waist/midsection. WHEW! That’s going to be a CHALLENGE! Will I be able to do this on my own?

As a jumpstart to my new fitness goals I will be participating in his 30-day AT HOME Stomach Sculpting Challenge, which started July 6, 2015 and concludes August 4, 2015. A member account on his website is free (Membership) and this is where all information regarding current and upcoming challenges are located. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the webpage (here) and the lack of glitz and glam because there is nothing “play-play” about his workouts! I participated in his 7-day no bread challenge last year and the stomach sculpting exercises had my abdominals burning! For the whole week I tried my best not to laugh because muscles I never knew were there were sore and I felt it with every chuckle. Regardless of soreness, I saw definite results at the end of the week! In this situation I didn’t keep up with the workouts after my short-lived victory because I was trying to “get right” for a weekend getaway where I wanted to show a little skin, which I am sure all of us have been guilty of!

So when setting new goals for myself, no matter what area in life, I want to go in with a positive attitude and the determination that I will succeed. Many times I try to go at things alone but I have learned that sometimes I need support. Having a partner or support system doesn’t equate to being weak! Yes, we are strong, independent women but even Charlie’s Angles was a trio. All I am trying to share is that in life we will encounter many CHALLENGES but we don’t have to go at them alone. Momma, grandma, auntie, sister-friends, SHE-sisters, prayer partner, whomever, are here to Support Help and Encourage!