As we enter a new year, a lot of people are making goals and resolutions to ultimately have a better year than last year. Some are even on a mission to become a different and better person. While goal setting is good and can help you navigate throughout the year, if you aren’t forgiving and flexible with yourself–it can lead to extreme anxiety and disappointment. So let me stop you while you’re ahead and be the one to tell you that you do not have to have it all together right now or this year at all and here are five major reasons why.

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5 Reasons You Don't Have to Have it Together

You Will Learn as You Go

You’ve heard many people say it, “been there, done that”. That’s because everyone has their moment–their lesson they have to learn. There’s truly nothing new under the sun, just new people it’s happening to under new circumstances. So take the tough times in stride and know that they don’t last, but you will learn from them.

No One is Perfect

Despite what social media tells us, no one is perfect. Everyone has issues and everything isn’t always what it seems. Don’t stress yourself out trying to make your real life look like someone’s social media life, especially celebrities. The tricky thing about celebrities and influencers is that they don’t just show you what they want you to see like others do but they also have a staff of people making sure they look the way they do as well. So unless you have a staff of people holding you together, I’m sure you’re doing fine.

No Pain, No Gain

When tough times come, we often think “why me?” But why not you? Everyone is due for a rainy season and some lasts longer than others. It’s okay. It won’t last forever. I truly believe that those tough times, those painful times, are what build you up. They build character and tough skin. They help you face more difficult situations that may arise and help you believe that you can face everything. So don’t worry about perfection or trying to keep up an image. Just ride the wave because this is all a part of the plan.

Things Don’t Happen Overnight

While it may truly seem like it at times, things don’t happen overnight. Those 20 pounds you promised yourself you’d lose, that acne you’re tired of, that man you’ve been waiting on–none of it happens overnight. Again, while setting goals is important, we can also be unrealistic. Give yourself time. Add some buffer and grace time in there for when you want to mark something accomplished. You will get there in due time and when you do, it will be that much more satisfying.

You Never Stop Learning Yourself

As old as you may get, you will continue to evolve and continue to add new layers to who you are. These new layers change your perception, perspective and direction. It can be beautiful. As these new layers settle, you will begin to notice them and acknowledge them. They won’t always be comfortable or be what you expect, but that’s okay because you’re still growing and learning.

Do you struggle with wanting to have it together all the time? Why?