I told myself that I would never get a Master’s degree once I graduated from undergrad in 2013. You could not even persuade me to go to grad school. After two years of working at my big girl job, I decided that I wanted to go back for my Master’s in Social Work. That did not work out. I took two classes and dropped out because I was really sick while pregnant. I had a choice to go back but realized it was not for me like I initially thought. Then I got another job and I have been there for two years. Now, it is four years later after graduating and I am still not fulfilled with my career.

I randomly had a thought one day and talked with my husband about his feelings on me going back to grad school for the second time. I was nervous because I did not want to fail again by going to grad school and not finishing. My husband loved the idea and thought that I should. At the end of May, I decided to apply for a MBA program focused on healthcare administration. I got accepted and started on June 27, 2017.

I did not think I was ready, but then I wondered will I ever be “ready”? I just went for it and started sooner than I anticipated. I love the program so far and I’m confident that I will complete it! I am too motivated to quit this time around. The program is about 22 months (a little less than two years) and it is accelerated with classes starting every 6 weeks, back to back, with little breaks. I am doing the classes online, which is flexible for me to continue to be a wife, mother and work full-time. Is this shit hard? YES! But I know that this will be so rewarding in the end.

5 Things to Remember When Going Back to School in Your Late Twenties

Some things to think about if you plan on going back to school and you are working full-time or even have a family:

  1. It will not be easy but it CAN be done!
  2. Remember that extracurricular activities are not going anywhere. Your education comes first, along with your family.
  3. Do not feel bad if you cannot do certain things with your friends or the people you love because you have homework.
  4. Remember you are doing this for YOU, not anyone else. If people cannot understand that, ha!, then ignore them until you finish.
  5. Finishing school is an accomplishment and it WILL be worth it in the end, even with the sleepless nights, long homework sessions, missing outings and so forth. YOU WILL be happy that you did it and made it through.

Never think that it is too late to start anything that you really want to accomplish. Life is too short to ponder too long on things and let time slip away. You get one life and MUST live it to the fullest.