People typically like Sundays because it is a day to relax, sleep in and spend time with family. While others like myself, most of the time dread Sundays because it is the day before the work week. No matter how you feel about Sundays, it’s one day in the week and inevitable to ignore. So, you might as well make the best of it, right? There are some really important things you should do on Sunday that will ultimately help you feel better prepared to take on the week ahead.

For me, Sundays are one of the most important days out of the week. It is when you reset and mentally prepare yourself for what it is you have to do that week. I’m that person that will use my planner for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. I even plan out what I need to do, even on a Sunday. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy but he’s not a planner user and just doesn’t understand. Because there are so many things I must do I need to ensure I’m maximizing my time by knowing what needs to get done. Writing out what you need to do also helps you feel less overwhelmed. I know people may say, “Well when I write it and it’s a lot that’s overwhelming.” I get it! But…writing it down will give you the tools you need to execute the plan.

Overtime I realized I was starting the week not doing things I should’ve done on Sunday. I felt like I was barely getting through the week and struggled with thinking if I did this and that I wouldn’t be struggling right now. So, I started to create weekly habits that helped me tremendously. By doing these things, I worried less, had more time to be in the present moment and wasn’t rushing at night or in the morning. If you find yourself in the shoes I was once in, try following these Sunday habits.

6 Things You Should Be Doing on Sunday

Meal prep your food

Once I started meal prepping on Sunday, I couldn’t see how I ever didn’t meal prep. Doing this will save your life. I typically just know what I’m eating for breakfast but for lunch and dinner I always make sure what I want to eat is prepared. All I have to do is pack my lunch and warm up my dinner. After work, school and anything else you may have going on. You’re not going to feel like cooking once you get home. So, make a list, go to the grocery store and prepare what you want to eat!

Find your entire wardrobe for the week

Ha! I remember having to do this when I was in high school, which by doing so did make life easier and I wasn’t scrabbling through my closet looking for an outfit. This is still true now. I use to constantly throw clothes across the room looking for something to wear. Then, I end up running late. Now, I have my outfits planned for the entire week.

Plan out what you need to accomplish for the week

This has to the most important thing to do for me on Sunday. Just because I have so much going on I have to know what I need to do for that week so I don’t forget to do anything. I take time to schedule my work clients, see what homework I have to do and if I have to pay bills or run any errands. Organizing my weekly schedule helps keep me grounded and makes me feel more confident that I can get everything done.

6 Things You Should Be Doing on Sunday

Clean your living space

In order for me to concentrate or feel at peace, the space I’m in has to be clean and organized. It doesn’t have to be completely spick-and-span but you want to make sure you can find what you need without having to move or lift a lot of things. One thing I do every day is make my bed. This has definitely helped me start my day on a good foot. Doing this on Sunday helps set the tone for the entire week. So if you go into the week with a messy home, you might just have a messy week period. Now, that’s what we don’t want!

Organize purse and/or work bag

I’m always putting things in my purse or throwing something in my bag. You want to make sure you are getting rid of trash or taking something out that you no longer want there. You just might want to change purses. Take time and organize the things you have and throw out anything you don’t want.

Take time out for yourself

Self-care is so important. Again, self-care is so important! Whether it is before, after or in the middle of doing things, take time out for you to recharge yourself. If you aren’t at a good place then everything I said doesn’t matter. You have to make sure you are happy and feel well. You deserve to treat yourself.

What will you add to your Sunday list?