Bloating has to be one of the worse feelings in the world. That is a complete exaggeration but it is highly uncomfortable. Bloating is a buildup of gas in the abdomen. It can be in the stomach and/or intestines. Yes, contrary to popular belief, it is not fluid in your lower abdomen you are feeling. Bloating causes stomach cramps, back pain, burps, hiccups and that tight stomach discomfort where you feel like you cannot button up your pants.

The most common cause for belly bloating is dietary triggers and constipation. For some women, bloating can occur after they eat certain foods or during their menstrual cycles. I am sure many of us have tried to figure out how to reduce this “food baby” feeling in our abdomen. There are a ton of remedies you could try to get rid of the “big bloat”. Here are some quick hacks to help get rid of bloating.

1. Eat Less of This and More of That

Be cautious about food allergies and intolerance to gluten or dairy that would increase gas and abdominal pain. You also want to limit sodium, alcohol, added sugars and carbonated drinks. All of these foods can agitate the digestive system which can increase abdominal pain and discomfort.


Water promotes healthy digestion in the body. Drink approximately 30-60 minutes before a meal and another 30 minutes after the meal. Adding lemon to the water is recommended because lemon is great for calming our stomachs after a meal.

3. Massage your Belly

Massaging your belly in downward positions as you lie down can help facilitate movement of air and gas through the digestive tract and out of your body.

4. Take a Walk

Whenever anyone tells me they have gas that feels like it is stuck in their body, I always tell them to take a walk. This also helps gas move through the digestive system and exits out of your body.

5. Chew Slowly

Air can be swallowed when we eat or drink. Chewing food thoroughly and slowly can prevent swallowing of air.

6. Don’t be Constipated

Constipation can often make bloating worse. You can prevent constipation by eating foods with more soluble fiber, but do this with caution because too much fiber can make things worse. Taking magnesium supplements, drinking plenty of water and increasing physical activity are ways to prevent constipation.

7. Try Peppermint Oil

You can find this in supplement form. It is known to help reduce muscle spasms, which is extremely helpful for people who suffer from spastic colon issues and IBS.


This goes without saying, but stress can cause our bodies to do all types of things that we do not like. When you are feeling stressed out, make sure you utilize your healthy coping mechanisms and tap into some much needed self-care.

There are many other remedies that can be quick fixes for bloating like taking a probiotic and or some digestive enzymes. A combination of all of these can keep the bloating down. You know what they say, a remedy a day keeps the bloat away!

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