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SHE Founder

Hey! My name is Aisha Rose, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are visiting my blog today. Thank you! Hopefully, after you learn more about who I am, it will only be the beginning to a long relationship between you and I. I hope that you will feel connected to me as a person and stay connected with me as a She Crew Member or on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages!

I created this to share the true strength it takes for a woman, especially black women, to be successful, humble and empowered. I share my story and have a few dope contributors who share theirs as well. I hope that during your visit with us you are empowered to appreciate your life and empowered to enhance it to build a better one for the future. We hope you enjoy, but don’t just keep this to yourself, share it with your friends! Feel free at any time to get connected to us and submit a story!