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Hey! My name is Aisha, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are visiting my blog today. Thank you! Hopefully, after you learn more about who I am, it will only be the beginning to a long relationship between you and I. I hope that you will feel connected to me as a person and stay connected with me as a She Crew Member or on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages!

Aisha Herring, The Strength of She Founder

Now back to the introductions—I grew up in Gary, Indiana. Yes—THE Gary Indiana—home of The Jackson 5, the King of Pop and Janet. No I didn’t know them and I’m not related. However, many who live in the Midwest also know Gary as “Scary Gary” or “The Murder Capital”, after its drastic increase in crime in the 1990s. These two national recognitions depict the options we were given in the city. Work hard, make something of yourself and be successful, or be a product of the murder capital—in jail, oppressed or dead. There isn’t enough coverage on those who actually do become successful—those who’ve stayed to help the city thrive or those who have left to show that the city still produces amazing people. I’d like to think I’m one of these people—or at least growing to be one.


I’ve always been a creative. I studied theatre at Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts and became the editor of our newspaper my freshman year. I’ve been a writer since I was 11 years old, and at 14 years old, I had my first article published in our local paper. My articles consisted of city improvement suggestions and empowering the voiceless to stand up for their rights. After publishing two columns, my future articles were pulled. Not only could they not believe that a 14-year-old wrote these articles, but they couldn’t believe how controversial they were. They were blunt, logical and demanded people to do better.


This passion, writing, helped me gain access to the private education at Butler University—with full-tuition awarded. Yes, over $30,000 per year on $50,000 bill! Talk about having your talents paying off! I studied journalism and strategic communications. However while studying, I became very involved at school—as I was back in Gary. I was the President of Black Student Union, President of Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a member of the Student Affairs Committee, Student Government, Butler Student Ambassador and the list goes on. I developed the passion, even more, for helping people. I loved sharing the voices and opinions of students, blacks and women—to help us progress as a campus. During my time at Butler, that loved flowed into my career, where I completed six internships and five of them were nonprofits.


Somehow, in the midst of all of this, I was able to meet the love of my life in 2010, but I was young, he was young and we had no clue how our relationship would evolve. For two years, he pursued me before we officially started to date. We had only went on one date during those two years, but it wasn’t our time yet. We weren’t ready for each other. But during my senior summer in 2012, we were ready. We were only dating for three months before I went to live in Washington, DC for a semester. But our fresh relationship survived, that was a sign! Now four summers later, we are married with a house and a dog.


So my life is clearly perfect right?? First-generation college graduate, a career, a husband, house and a dog. Not! But that’s what many people, especially women my age, think. No doubt, I’m blessed, but these things didn’t fall in my lap. They took work and patience. They think because of these things, I’m set, but there’s so much more to an individual’s life than that. I began to see this and see how as women, we really feel about ourselves. I saw the need for many of my friends, their friends and women in general to be empowered. Not just with life and their self-esteem, but their health as well. Hence the start of The Strength of SHE! SHE actually stands for success, humility and empowerment.


I created this to share the true strength it takes for a woman, especially black women, to be successful, humble and empowered. I share my story and have a few dope contributors who share theirs as well. I hope that during your visit with us you are empowered to appreciate your life and empowered to enhance it to build a better one for the future. We hope you enjoy, but don’t just keep this to yourself, share it with your friends! Feel free at any time to get connected to us and submit a story!