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Life After Graduation
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The Perfect Ending to a New Beginning: Life after Graduation

The last four years, and for some people like myself five years, has been spent filled with late nights and early mornings. Nor having time to eat at times is an understatement. All the sacrifices made, sleep you never got and special events you have missed were all for this big milestone in your life, graduation! As I approached the finish line, and even now, I continuously asked myself what is next? What is next for me?! Only to reach the finish line and to be left with questions, questions…

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Are We Over “Good and Bad Hair” Labels?

“Black woman’s biggest hair problem is that think their hair is a problem” Learning to redefine what you think is good hair is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself! I am on my journey to healthier hair and every step I take not only helps me fall more and more in love with my hair but also allows me to appreciate other hair textures without discrediting mine.

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Taming Your Mane: Detangler Review

Let’s begin by saying detangling your hair is one of the most important parts of being natural. At least for my type 4 hair it is! Yes, I know it is a very tedious thing to do and most may not see the importance of it. I have very thick hair and I used to hate washing my hair because it would be all over the place, tangled and let’s just say a hot mess! So, I remember when I started transitioning I would complain to a great friend of my…

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