What I Have Learned in 2017
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Just Put This Year in Rice: What I Have Learned in 2017

I had so many high expectations for this year but just like 2016, it has let me down. I experienced another sudden and traumatic death from someone extremely close to me in my family. I have pushed through more trials and tribulations than I would have liked to experience and while we’re at it, let’s just put my finances in rice too. It feels like I have spent the last two years going through hardships and I have caught myself saying “I am tired of always going through something” on…

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how to spot a fuck boy
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How to Spot a Fuck Boy and Leave Him in 2017

According to Urban Dictionary, a fuck boy is an insecure little boy who does not know how to be a man and hides behind ego and lies, while utilizing manipulation tactics to make himself seem greater than what he is. I honestly could not have said it better myself! If you have had the luxury of dating anytime during this century, I am sure you have kissed a couple of frogs along the way, or what we like to call them, fuck boys! Fuck boys are everywhere but they have…

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Fall Date Ideas
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Cuffing Season is Here: Fall Date Ideas 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it is not Christmas time. It is the fall! Although I am a summer baby, I love everything about autumn like football, the leaves changing colors, wearing layers and boots, homecoming, tailgating, caramel apples, bonfires and all of the pumpkin-spiced goodies. Also, we are on the brink of cuffing season and there is nothing like that fall chill in the air that makes you want to cozy up with bae. The beautiful transformation of the fall leaves makes for a great…

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top black health blogs
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Living with IBS

When people hear that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), they think that I just cannot go to the bathroom regularly. I wish it was that simple. IBS impacts primarily women and it can be difficult to live with. I’ve experienced abdominal cramping that had me paralyzed on the bathroom floor. I have had to leave patient’s rooms in the middle of assessments to make sure I do not use the bathroom on myself. I have given myself an enema and the pain from it convinced me I gave birth…

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Simple Everyday Makeup Routine
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Simple 10 Minute Everyday Makeup Routine

After many months (possibly years to be honest with you) I have mastered my simple, everyday makeup routine. This came with a lot of trial and error with different products but I have finally nailed it down and I could not be happier. Now, we all know that I am not a makeup artist or major beauty influencer but I sure do love makeup! Like many other millennials, I have found myself sitting in front of my laptop, watching so many YouTube tutorials from black beauty bloggers that I had…

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21 Day Fix Challenge
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21 Day Fix Challenge: The Perfect Start to My Lifestyle Change

The 21 Day Fix challenge was the perfect start I needed to make some lifestyle changes with my eating habits and activity level. I have never participated in any diet challenges and outside of my highly active job as a registered nurse, my exercise routine was extremely sporadic. However, I knew I needed a change. My diet consisted of fast food and microwave meals for lunch. I had a gym membership that was not getting used. Although I felt good in the skin I was in, I was tired of…

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8 easy ways to reduce bloating
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8 Easy Ways to Reduce Bloating

Bloating has to be one of the worse feelings in the world. That is a complete exaggeration but it is highly uncomfortable. Bloating is a buildup of gas in the abdomen. It can be in the stomach and/or intestines. Yes, contrary to popular belief, it is not fluid in your lower abdomen you are feeling. Bloating causes stomach cramps, back pain, burps, hiccups and that tight stomach discomfort where you feel like you cannot button up your pants. The most common cause for belly bloating is dietary triggers and constipation….

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healing crystals

The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystal healing has either gained a lot of popularity recently or many people I am connected with are on a wellness/spiritual-awareness kick. I am all for cleansing my aura and making sure my chakras are aligned and opened, so I figured I would give crystal healing a try. This method of alternative therapy uses crystals and stones to cure ailments, draw out negative energies, produce positive energies and protect you against disease. This is not a medically certified technique of healing, but many people believe in its power to help….

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