What I Wish I Knew Before I Went Natural

I remember when I started my hair journey almost four years ago. I didn’t quite really know what to expect or what I needed for my hair. Everything I know now I wished I would have known in the beginning of my journey. But don’t we all? After talking to a few of my friends who are transitioning, I realized there are some staple items everyone should have in their bathroom.

Denman Brush

This brush became my best friend as I transitioned and even now. There’s no way I would survive without it. There are different types of detangling brushes you can buy, but I recommend a Denman Brush. About three months ago, I broke my Denman Brush and bought something like it, but instead, it had a wood handle. It gets the job done, but when I use products the brush gets sticky and I hate it. So, I will be buying my Denman Brush very soon and don’t recommend anyone buy the wooden handle kind!

Hair Pins

When I transitioned, I used to hate when wash day came around. I have a lot of hair and it gets even bigger when it’s wet. It was just a bad experience for me until I started separating my hair into four sections. I detangle each section before washing and use hair pins to separate them. Washing each section at a time helps so much. It makes wash days a breeze. If you do not wash your hair in sections, you have to start!

Spray Bottle

I use a spray bottle on wash days and during the week after styling to add moisture to my hair. Also, if I am restyling it with twists or perm rods, I will use the bottle with water and may add conditioner.


My hair can suck the moisture out of a room. So, I have to use oil to seal the moisture in. I have used multiple oils and noticed heavier oils such as olive oil and argan oil help my hair stay moisturized and softer longer.


I bet you all are thinking a T-Shirt?! Yep! I stopped using towels to dry my hair a long time ago and started to use old T-Shirts I didn’t wear anymore. I have noticed a difference in how my hair feels and I have less frizz after drying. A cotton T-Shirt is recommended.

What are some things you wish you knew before you went natural?