I would have to say that last year was an up and down for me when it comes to anything beauty, hair, makeup, clothes and shoes. I had my good days and definitely bad ones. However, it was a year of growth and prosperity. I learned that nothing happens overnight, and sometimes it takes trial and error to know what works best for you. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding what you can do differently to get the results you want.

I realized that if I would’ve started doing some things at the beginning of the year, I would’ve saved a lot time and money. But it is okay. Since I didn’t do so well in 2017, I plan on starting in 2018 and sticking with it for the year.

Here are 5 beauty habits you can start doing now to save you time and money!

Beauty Habits to Start in 2018

Get rid of unused hair products

I am the worst at buying products, using some of it and that’s it. Then I find myself having so many unused hair products in my cabinet. This prevents me from buying new products because I’ll tell myself I need to use what I have first. I have started throwing and giving away products that I know I’m not going to use. It helps with space and allows me to be exposed to other products that may really work well with my hair.

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Throw away old makeup

Beauty Habits to Start in 2018

Aren’t we all afraid of getting rid of our makeup?! I’m constantly telling myself, I’ll use this at so and so time. Then when that time comes, I never use it. Read and know the expiration date on your makeup because if you didn’t know already makeup does expire. Not only is it important to throw away old makeup but to also read the ingredients. This year I learned I have an allergy to an ingredient used in mascara and eyeliner. I couldn’t identify the specific ingredient but I had to stop using both. Now, I buy hypoallergenic makeup.

Clean out your closet

The new year is a perfect time to clean out your closet. If there are clothes you’ve been holding on to all year thinking you are going to need it for a special occasion, throw it away! There are so many pieces I’ve kept thinking I was going to wear at some point and guess what? I never did. So get rid of those pants you only wore twice and shoes you thought were going to look different until you took them home.

Do your research

Doing your research will save you so much money. I can’t count how many times I bought a hair product and didn’t know much about it and then I ended up not liking it. I started watching vloggers and seeing reviews on hair products, makeup brands and online clothing websites. This helped me save a lot of money and time instead of just going to the store or website. Everyone is different and their experience with a product will be different. I’m not saying research is the end all be all but it does give a pretty good idea whether or not something will work for you.

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Be willing to invest


Beauty Habits to Start in 2018

If there is one thing I learned in 2017, it would be to invest. You can invest in new makeup brushes, hair products or accessories, or even a nice pair of shoes. There are things you can get that are less expensive but somethings you must be willing to spend a little extra money to get the desired look you want. What you can start doing is create a hair or makeup savings. Therefore, when it comes time to buy some of those items they won’t break your wallet so much.

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There are so many things you can do to better prepare yourself for 2018. I’ve shared some ways I’m going to start. What are some of yours?