It is no secret that I have been dealing with dry skin for a while. Unfortunately, my lips are not exempt from this. Usually a nice EOS lip balm (also known as the egg lip balm) works really well for my lips but there was this one time that lip balm was not enough. My lips were dry, cracking and wearing lipstick dried them out even more. I’m also convinced that they were turning a dark, purple color in some spots (and no I am not a smoker). I tried lip balm, Carmex, Vaseline etc. Even the ninth wonder of the world, coconut oil, did not even fix my problem. I knew I was in some serious need of help when even coconut oil, the Holy Grail itself, couldn’t moisturize my lips.

A good Sisterfriend of mine suggested I try a lip mask. Since I was “balling on a budget”, I figured I would go to Target to see what I could find. Lo and behold, right in the beauty section, I stumbled across a cylinder-shaped item with various shades of pink on the label for $9.99 that read “Swirly Girl, The Perfectly Pretty Pout Lip Spa”. Inside there were three smaller containers: lip balm, lip scrub and lip mask. I figured for $10, I had nothing to lose. I took the items home and immediately began testing out my purchase.

Lip Scrub

I started the treatment with the lip scrub. It was pink and slightly more liquidy than other lip scrubs that I have tried before. It did not have a good smell like I assumed it would but it also didn’t smell horrible. I applied it to my lips with my finger and started massaging the scrub in circular motions to exfoliate and break up any dead skin cells that may have my lips feeling chapped or flaky. I did this for about a minute and until I felt like my lips were evenly smooth. This has been my favorite lip scrub so far. Although it is more of a liquid substance than other scrubs, it still has some exfoliating contents in it. Not only did I feel like my lips were smooth but they definitely felt more hydrated.

Lip mask for dry lips

Lip Mask

This is the product I could not wait to try. Of course you can guess that the mask was a hot pink color. It looked like slime and felt like jello or pudding. I spread the mask evenly across my lips. I knew it was time to wipe it off after it dried and turned a really pale, pastel, pink color. It took approximately 3 minutes to dry. I rinsed it off with a washcloth and water. Omg! It felt like I got a brand new set of lips! They felt so soft, hydrated and shiny without any trace of dead skin in sight. I knew this particular product was just what I needed.

Lip mask for dry lips

Lip Balm

Can you guess the color of this product? Of course it was hot pink! The lip balm was thicker in consistency than regular chapsticks and the EOS lip balm that I am use to but not as solid as raw shea butter. It had no tint to it but it lasted quite a while and left my lips feeling rejuvenated.

Lip mask for dry lips

I am so happy I invested the few coins it took to buy, on this product! Not only did it restore hydration to my lips, but it also turned them back into their naturally rosy pink color and removed all dry, dead flaky skin. I carry the lip balm around with me regularly and I have added the lip scrub and lip mask to my skin care routine weekly. I would recommend buying this product if your lips need some TLC. You can find this product at your local Target.