It is fall and you know what that means! It is Crock-Pot season and also infamously, chili season! I LOVE chili, so much that I’d eat it every season. However, in the fall, I’m always on the hunt for a new one to try. Everyone is different in regards to the taste and texture they prefer with chili. Some like theirs thick; some like it creamy; some like it hearty; and some prefer that theirs is more like soup. I personally lean more towards the thick and hearty side, but I’ve included a variety in my list. Some also prefer to have a traditional chili taste, but some (like myself) also enjoy either sweet or spicy chili.

In addition to satisfying yummy chili, I prefer to swap as many ingredients for healthy ones as possible. So when making your chili, consider trading in your ground beef for ground turkey! It’s a great alternative and you really can’t tell the difference—as long as you season it properly. I use turkey sausage as well. Also, if you must use canned ingredients, try to get cans with low sodium or no salt added. Canned goods are loaded with salt and this helps cut down on the sodium intake. In addition to this tip, you can also drain and rinse your canned ingredients such as beans, because the liquid they sit in holds the salt.

I hope those health tips help! Okay, without any more delays—here’s my top 5 favorite chili recipes!

Best 5 Healthy Chili Recipes by @aishadherring! Be prepared to get hungry! #BloggersOC #blmgirls Click To Tweet
  1. Paleo Sweet Potato Chili by Tastes of Lizzy T

    This one is probably my favorite because I absolutely love sweet potatoes! This recipe is the right texture and it hearty—which will leave you full. Check out this recipe here.

  2. Slow- Cooker White Chicken Chili by Tablespoon

    I appreciated the flavor that was cultivated in this recipe, but it had more of a soup texture. Some people love that, or it could be a nice lighter option. So I thought I’d include it! Check out this recipe here.

  3. Healthy Turkey Chili by Ambitious Kitchen

    I’m a sucker for a traditional turkey chili! Here’s one that you can add some kick to every bowl with jalapenos. Check out the recipe here.

    Best 5 Healthy Chili Recipes by @aishadherring! Be prepared to get hungry! #BloggersOC #blmgirls Click To Tweet

  4. Lentil & Butternut Squash Chili by Little Broken

    Looking for a great Meatless Monday option?? Well this has your name written all over it! Check out this yummy, Fall-themed bowl of chili. Get the recipe here.

  5. Creamy White Chicken Chili by Lovely Little Kitchen

    Last, but definitely not least. Check out this creamy, smooth white chicken chili. Also have some fun and throw some chunks of avocado and tortilla chips in! Who doesn’t love that? Get this recipe here.

    Best 5 Healthy Chili Recipes by @aishadherring! Be prepared to get hungry! #BloggersOC #blmgirls Click To Tweet