Black is Beautiful
I read a meme that stated “Being a black girl right now is like being a part of some super exclusive, prestigious goddess organization. It’s lit.” Dr. Yosef Ben – Jochannan described black women as dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace and toasted with beauty.

There is nothing I love more than being a young, black woman! We are the mothers of all civilization and are the source in which all life comes from. We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, leaders and warriors. When they say it takes a village, WE are the village that that proverb is speaking of. My beautiful is so black!

“There is nothing I love more than being a young, black woman!” Black is the New Black Click To Tweet

Black is Beautiful
Black women come from a rich history of oppression and discrimination. Not only do we suffer from racial discrimination, but gender inequality as well. Our resilience has been proven by how we have overcome being picked apart and judged by society. We have been whipped, shackled, lynched, raped, over worked and under paid. We have been lied to, lied on and killed innocently, while unarmed.

I know that because of my ancestors, I can persevere through anything. WE ARE SURVIVORS!

My black is so uniquely dope. We march to the beat of our own drum. We are trend setters and style innovators despite global views on the standard of beauty being European features. Our hair defies gravity and is so versatile. My hair color has been blonde, red, brown and pink. I have worn it in an afro, twist out, braids, weave, pixie cut, curls and locs.

Our skin glows in the light and it comes in every shade of brown possible. The increase of melanin in our skin protects us from the dangers of skin cancer. My Black Queen friend, Thomasina called her black skin her suit of armor. Our skin is as thick as it is dark!

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black is beautiful
Black Queen Dawnishia (and my best friend) states, “My black is beautiful because I glow in the dark. No artificial source of light can illuminate a room like my black does. My black commands attention and demands respect. We are melanin in motion and I love my black.”

“My black commands attention & demands respect. I love my black.” Black is the New Black Click To Tweet

My black is unapologetic and bold. We fight for what we believe in. Being black has taught me how to fight for my passions. It has encouraged me to create my own voice when the world tried to take ours away.

Most importantly, my black is love. The most important love that I have gained from being proud of my history is self-love. With all of the hatred and prejudice that is projected onto us, we have no choice but to lift each other up in spirit and encourage one another.

Alexis Ditaway, a blogger for My Black Matters, said “the inability for someone to see my worth doesn’t determine my worthiness.” We must continue to speak positively in each other’s lives and help each other reach our goals. We need to continue to invest in each other’s talents.

I challenge all of us to celebrate each other EVERY month! Let us continue to keep educating ourselves on our history because once we understand where we come from, it will give us a clearer vision on where we are headed.

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