gender-reveal-partyI decided to have a gender reveal for my baby because I had never been to one and I thought it would be cute for my first child. My husband has a son already and he did not do anything like that for him. Therefore, we agreed that it would be different and cute if we did it for “Twinkle”. That was the baby’s nickname before we found out what we were having. My husband was so certain that we were having a girl that he just felt it. I honestly did not care what we had first because I want to eventually have a boy and a girl, as do most of us. Deep down I wanted a boy first so that he would be a protector, along with my stepson for a little sister. I grew up with three older brothers and I’m the only girl and the youngest. I would not have it any other way and that is what I would want for my daughter. I believe after a while my husband convinced me that we were having a girl. So I was telling myself that I think we may be having a girl.

gender-reveal-party2The planning for the gender reveal was very fun because my sister-in-law wanted full responsibility with planning it. She is one of the most creative people I know. I knew she would deck everything out! The reveal idea that we came up with was a big black balloon that we would pop together with blue or pink fake flower pedals on the inside. It was awesome!

Now, when it came to inviting people to the gender reveal, I did get a little frustrated. A gender reveal and a baby shower are not the same thing. Our idea was to invite a few close friends and family for the reveal. For the other friends that we still wanted to be a part of the fun, we sent them a scratch off before the gender reveal that revealed the gender of the baby. My sister-in-law came up with that. The cutest thing ever! BUT we had a couple of issues with people because we all use social media and some people were saying that they never got an invite for the gender reveal. I was thinking to myself, “I never told you that you would be invited”. That is what the baby shower is for. It is interesting how people just feel entitled and all you can do is shake your head and keep it moving. I will say that I will never do another gender reveal again.

Let me tell you why:

  • Anxiety of waiting to find out the gender when you went to the doctor appointment and could have found out right then and there. We had to wait a week. The longest week of my life. NEVER AGAIN!
  • The feeling of being disappointed. Most mommies and daddies have a thought in their head of what gender they would like to have. If you could see the video of my husband’s face when we found out what we were having, you would understand (LOL).

gender-reveal-party 3Even though I had my few annoyances with the gender reveal, I am very glad we did it because no one in my family or my husband’s family had done one before. I am sure you all are anticipating to know what we are having. We are having a baby boy, Caci (pronounced Kay-see) Amir Oliver and he is due March 8, 2016! Honestly, we are hoping the end of February. It is time for him to evacuate, but we are so very excited to meet our baby boy that we don’t know what to do with ourselves!