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Quarter-Life Crisis Averted
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Quarter-Life Crisis Averted: Five Things I Learned in my 25th Year

If you remember, I wrote a blog post about having a quarter life crisis a little over a year ago. Now all of those tears quickly dried up because my friends blessed me with a surprise birthday party, but bringing in 25 was hard for me and Chapter 25 of my life may have been one of the most challenging ones I have lived. But any experience I go through, whether good or bad, is alright with meas long as I have been able to walk away with some lesson…

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Life After Graduation
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The Perfect Ending to a New Beginning: Life after Graduation

The last four years, and for some people like myself five years, has been spent filled with late nights and early mornings. Nor having time to eat at times is an understatement. All the sacrifices made, sleep you never got and special events you have missed were all for this big milestone in your life, graduation! As I approached the finish line, and even now, I continuously asked myself what is next? What is next for me?! Only to reach the finish line and to be left with questions, questions…

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skincare secret weapon
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My Skincare Secret Weapon

  If you’ve struggled with bad skin and acne, you know what it can do to your self-esteem. It can make you feel less beautiful, although you aren’t. You may even always feel that someone is staring at your face. I’ve recently started struggling with my skin after a series of bad hormonal breakouts. The blemishes they left make me pack on makeup daily and hope to hide them. Our contributor, Nichole, had this same struggle. Her skin had active acne, irritation and redness. She struggled with this from middle…

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finding new friends in a new city
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Finding New Friends in a New City

Finding new friends in a new city can be difficult, especially if you stick to the same routine. I was that one person who goes to work and back home, just to do it all again the next day. For the past 5 years this was my motto. I would not advise it at all! I would think, there is no need for me to get know anyone, this is only temporary. Yes, I do plan on venturing out to other cities, but not having a social life and experiencing what a new city…

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Women's Empowerment Event Indianapolis
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The 25 Project Launch: Women’s Empowerment Event Indianapolis

The 25 Project is an event series by The Strength of She, LLC that focuses on empowering and improving the lives of women in their 20s, particularly those who are 25 years old. When women turn 25, a plethora of emotions can arise and most of them can be attributed to the feelings that they aren’t where they thought they would be or doing what they thought they’d be doing with who they’d be doing it with. This is pretty common, and quarter-life crisis is becoming more common every day!…

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Aisha Herring, The Strength of She Founder
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Why I Quit To Be My Own Boss

So things got real. No, seriously, they did. As you may have come to realize, I’m busy. I always have been. I thought that I had it down pack and I knew how to truly balance my life, fun and work, but somewhere along the way, something got off track. My schedule became uncoordinated. My life went from being double booked to being triple booked—which is humanly impossible btw. I was no longer meal prepping every Sunday. My healthy eating turned into two days healthy and five days of missed…

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Are We Over “Good and Bad Hair” Labels?

“Black woman’s biggest hair problem is that think their hair is a problem” Learning to redefine what you think is good hair is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself! I am on my journey to healthier hair and every step I take not only helps me fall more and more in love with my hair but also allows me to appreciate other hair textures without discrediting mine.

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Valentine’s-Day Makeup-Must-Haves
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Valentine’s Day Makeup Must Haves

Valentine’s Day is one of those most romantic days of the year, so of course every girl wants to be completely irresistible. Whether it’s a sexy red lip or an eye-catching highlight that makes you glow, there are definitely a few makeup items that will help you keep your boo’s attention for the entire evening. Happy Valentine’s Day ladies! The Classic Red Lip Everyone knows that red is a signature color for Valentine’s Day and you can add a little flair to your look by putting on Ruby Woo by…

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