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What I Wish I Knew Before I Went Natural
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Back to the Basics: What I Wish I Knew Before I Went Natural

I remember when I started my hair journey almost four years ago. I didn’t quite really know what to expect or what I needed for my hair. Everything I know now I wished I would have known in the beginning of my journey. But don’t we all? After talking to a few of my friends who are transitioning, I realized there are some staple items everyone should have in their bathroom. Denman Brush This brush became my best friend as I transitioned and even now. There’s no way I would…

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Three of My Favorite Loc Styles

Would you believe me if I told you that I style my hair more now that it is loc’d than I did when I was a free natural? I had no idea how to manage my natural hair before locs because I am convinced my texture does not fit into any of the categories. My hair texture looks coarse, feels super soft and comes with a lot of frizz. This was one of the reasons why I decided to loc my hair because I knew that I would be able…

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Is Protective Styling natural hair really protecting?
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Does Your Protective Style Truly Protect

This year has been the year of “protective styling” for me. I was persistent to protect my hair from manipulation, heat damage, retain length and most importantly protect these ends. People may ask, “Wait, isn’t that what protective styles are supposed to do?” Yeah…that is what I thought too. Now I’m not saying they don’t, but it is really important that you know your hair and what helps it thrive to be at its healthiest state. I have 4B hair and it sucks moisture out of a room. It needs…

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Skincare Regimen for Dry Skin

I am not a makeup artist by any means, but I really enjoy wearing it. Putting on makeup has to be one of my favorite hobbies. Fortunately, I have been blessed to go through life with very minimal acne issues, but as I have gotten older, I noticed my skin type went from combination to very dry. During the winter time I would get dry spots in combination with eczema breakouts on my face, so I would avoid makeup altogether. When I did wear makeup, I noticed that it would…

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Faux Wash ‘n’ Go

Having natural hair is a beautiful thing, however, when it comes to styling hair at night it can be a curse! We all have those nights where we just want to jump right in bed and relax without taming or preserving our luscious curls. For those lazy nights you may find yourself just throwing your hair into a messy bun, doing some quick twists or just wrapping your hair in a satin bonnet or scarf. However, waking up to FLAT disproportionate hair, on a day where you want to look…

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skincare secret weapon
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My Skincare Secret Weapon

  If you’ve struggled with bad skin and acne, you know what it can do to your self-esteem. It can make you feel less beautiful, although you aren’t. You may even always feel that someone is staring at your face. I’ve recently started struggling with my skin after a series of bad hormonal breakouts. The blemishes they left make me pack on makeup daily and hope to hide them. Our contributor, Nichole, had this same struggle. Her skin had active acne, irritation and redness. She struggled with this from middle…

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Are We Over “Good and Bad Hair” Labels?

“Black woman’s biggest hair problem is that think their hair is a problem” Learning to redefine what you think is good hair is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself! I am on my journey to healthier hair and every step I take not only helps me fall more and more in love with my hair but also allows me to appreciate other hair textures without discrediting mine.

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Valentine’s-Day Makeup-Must-Haves
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Valentine’s Day Makeup Must Haves

Valentine’s Day is one of those most romantic days of the year, so of course every girl wants to be completely irresistible. Whether it’s a sexy red lip or an eye-catching highlight that makes you glow, there are definitely a few makeup items that will help you keep your boo’s attention for the entire evening. Happy Valentine’s Day ladies! The Classic Red Lip Everyone knows that red is a signature color for Valentine’s Day and you can add a little flair to your look by putting on Ruby Woo by…

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