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Celebrating Singleness while Manifesting Love

There comes a time where you may have been single for a little while and that can come with a variety of emotions and moods. One day you’re living your best life and other times you’re like “Where is bae”?! Which is totally normal. However, do you truly celebrate your singleness? If so, how? Celebrating singleness while manifesting love is important for your current status and future relationships. I celebrate my singleness by truly enjoying dating and keeping my expectations in check. I actively dating myself and become unapologetic about expressing…

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End of the Year Goals
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Brittni’s End of the Year Goals

The end of the year is approaching. We have three solid months left. There is still so much to do. For me, I have some goals that need to be accomplished before the year is over. Here are a few: Goal #1: Begin My Professional Transition I have to take the CASA. I have a Transition to Teaching program that I am trying to get into at the Indiana Wesleyan University and I would start in March. So I have to take the CASA, which are the 3 tests I…

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Faux Wash ‘n’ Go

Having natural hair is a beautiful thing, however, when it comes to styling hair at night it can be a curse! We all have those nights where we just want to jump right in bed and relax without taming or preserving our luscious curls. For those lazy nights you may find yourself just throwing your hair into a messy bun, doing some quick twists or just wrapping your hair in a satin bonnet or scarf. However, waking up to FLAT disproportionate hair, on a day where you want to look…

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Leslie Jones Shares Her Love for Whoopi Goldberg

  Embed from Getty Images Have you ever had a dream and you didn’t think it could ever come true? You didn’t think this because you never saw anyone like you doing it. Not a soul that looked like you, had your skin color, your hair, your nose or came from your neighborhood. Some may use that as a sense of motivation to be the first and others may see this a symbol of the impossible. However, what happens when for the first time you do see someone like you…

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