There comes a time where you may have been single for a little while and that can come with a variety of emotions and moods. One day you’re living your best life and other times you’re like “Where is bae”?! Which is totally normal. However, do you truly celebrate your singleness? If so, how? Celebrating singleness while manifesting love is important for your current status and future relationships.

I celebrate my singleness by truly enjoying dating and keeping my expectations in check. I actively dating myself and become unapologetic about expressing my needs and wants. Basically, if there’s no other time I could be selfish in the love department, it’s now. 

While celebrating your singleness is important, it can be a thin line between that and being closed off to love, especially if deep down you desire a relationship and companionship in the near future. So how can you celebrate singleness, while manifesting love? 

Celebrating Singleness while Manifesting Love

Be mindful of the company you keep

Be mindful of the company you keep. That doesn’t mean you should only spend time with people who you would exclusively be with. However, ensure they’re worth your time. This way if it evolves and turns into more, you’re at least on the same page of “who” you may want.

Don’t be a love basher

Just because it may not be in the cards for you right now, don’t speak ill on it. Celebrate others and their new chapters. It’s just not your time and that’s okay. Be content with the time you’re being given to love yourself better and more. 

Show love to others still

Just because you aren’t in a relationship, doesn’t mean you can’t show the type of love you’d like to receive to others. Do this without expecting anything in return. If Valentine’s Day or other holidays come around, are there friends you could send flowers to or take to dinner. Put the general love language you enjoy in the atmosphere, so that one day it will return to you naturally. 

How are you celebrating singleness, while manifesting love for yourself?