When it comes to using oil I have to say coconut oil is my favorite. My hair was always dry, brittle, and hard to manage. I felt like no matter what creams, conditioners, or lotions I used it didn’t make a difference, that’s when a friend suggested coconut oil! I started using it a year ago when my hair seemed like it was missing something and I haven’t been able to put it down since then.

Before it was introduced to me, I had no idea of how many things coconut oil could be used for. Now don’t get me wrong, coconut oil will do justice for your hair, but we can’t ignore all of the other ways you can utilize it. There are over 150 ways to use coconut oil! I’ve decided to share the top four ways I have benefited from using coconut oil!


  1. Deep Conditioning/moisturizer for hair: As I mentioned earlier I love coconut oil for my hair because it is great for deep conditioning. It is important to make sure the oil is mostly on the ends, because it helps with all the little frizzy hairs that we all hate!


  2. Makeup removal: Not only does it help with removing makeup and giving my skin that natural glow. It also helped my eye lashes and eye brows grow, so no fake lashes this way!


  3. Wound Care: There have been plenty of times when I have either cut or burned myself and did not have Neosporin on hand. So as a supplement I used coconut oil. In doing that I’ve noticed my wounds heal even quicker because it has vitamin E and proteins that are easily absorbed into your skin.


  4. Cuticle Softener: I struggle with having dry hands and very dry cuticles. Coconut oil helps relieve my hands of dryness by hydrating them and making them softer.


These are just some practices that I found very beneficial.  Play around with coconut oil and try it on different things to see how it can work for you!