I stopped eating dairy when a friend challenged me last October. At first, it started off as me not eating it for 90 days but then it has become a lifestyle for me. Before then, I don’t think I even considered it because I absolutely loved dairy. You can ask anyone, cheese was one of my favorite foods to eat. So, at first it was difficult, not only because I loved cheese but everything contains milk! I never realized that until I was forced to read the ingredient section. When people find out I don’t eat dairy, they always ask how can’t I eat dairy when it’s in everything. Well, it’s definitely possible!

Not eating dairy opened the door to so many things I didn’t even know existed. Can you believe you can get really good ice cream that is dairy-free?! How about really good sour cream? There are so many substitutions that you can get to replace the things you love. Not only are they good foods substitutions, but they have great health benefits.

Healthier Digestion

Before I stopped eating dairy I had no bowel movements and when I did it was painful. Now, I go regularly and it feels natural. My stomach breaks my food down quicker.

Little to No Bloating

I use to always be bloated after I ate and my stomach would feel tight. That no longer occurs. When I eat I don’t ever feel too full, I feel like as if I ate just enough.

More Energy

I have not been more consistent in the gym than I am now. I feel more confident and comfortable in my body because I know my decision is a lifestyle and not another fad. I feel well in and out.

Glowing Skin

I have always had pretty clear skin but I have had more people ask me if I have make up on. I’m okay with that though!

I know that I will continue being dairy-free and have made big strides toward becoming completely vegan. I will share that journey at a later time. So, be on the lookout! I remember seeing a video of a doctor explaining why humans shouldn’t consume a cow’s milk. A cow’s milk is made to grow a baby calf into a 400 pounds cow. I want you to think about that next time before consuming food with dairy in it.

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