I absolutely love Black Radiance! Their colors always match perfectly with my complexion and it lasts for hours! They are also super inexpensive! On their site, they are just $2 and at Walmart I think I got it for a few cents more. Steal! Last week, I paired one of my favorite deep red Black Radiance lips, 5010 Brandywine, with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Birthday Suite” Nail. I have been trying various brands of the new gel polishes and wanted to try this one. I bought the 2 Pack that comes with the gel top coat. Alone, the nude polish would have been $9, and the two pack was on sale for $14. So I thought it was worth the investment to spend a few dollars more on the kit with the top coat. I’ll let you know soon how my experience compared to what they advertise for this product!

So I hope you love this combo for just $16! Get this lipstick and this gel kit!

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