Fall is here and if anyone loves fall like I do, you’re ready for some new looks! I choose the colors I’m using because natural eyes are simply my favorite. They’re elegant and easy to wear and apply. I love them because blending doesn’t have to be perfected to get a beautiful natural eye. I used a mix of caramel and chocolate browns. I also tend to use a very strong highlight under the brow, it makes a world of difference in making an eye look pop. I love to pair this natural eye with a matching nude lip or a bold lip, which is perfect for the fall season! 

Fall Nude Lip

Revlon Kate Moss #113 Satin Lipstick
MAC Cork Lip Liner

Fall Matte Plum Lip

NYX Prune Liner

Bold and Daring Fall Lip

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Echo

Classic Deep Red Fall Lip

MAC Media Satin Lipstick
MAC Brick Lip Liner