Crystal healing has either gained a lot of popularity recently or many people I am connected with are on a wellness/spiritual-awareness kick. I am all for cleansing my aura and making sure my chakras are aligned and opened, so I figured I would give crystal healing a try. This method of alternative therapy uses crystals and stones to cure ailments, draw out negative energies, produce positive energies and protect you against disease. This is not a medically certified technique of healing, but many people believe in its power to help.

I went to this place in Indianapolis called New Age People, the largest spiritual store in Indiana. They have all types of crystals and stones I have never even heard of, items for smudging, incenses, oils and even host psychic reading sessions. I was in spiritual wellness heaven! After I explored the store, I went back to the section that had all of the crystals and gemstones. I already knew which ones I was interested in but I wandered around for quite some time to make sure the ones that I got “felt” right.


The first crystal I got was the purple amethyst. It aids in increasing creative thinking and spiritual awareness. Some users of this crystal put it under their pillow when they sleep because it is used to cure insomnia and nightmares. Other uses for the amethyst crystal include preventing intoxication and overindulgence. Amethyst provides tranquility, intuition, and facilitate with meditation. This crystal is associated with the crown and third eye chakras.

The second crystal I bought (and my personal favorite) is the rose quartz. This is known to be the love stone. It opens up the heart and promotes peace. It also raises self-esteem and balances out emotions. I am a Cancer zodiac sign so I definitely could use some balance emotionally. Rose quartz also promotes emotionally healing. It can be used while saying positive affirmations. This crystal is associated with the heart chakra.

The third one I picked up is the jade stone. I love how vibrant the shade of green is. It is considered the lucky stone. It provides harmony to the mind, body and spirit. It also instills prosperity and wealth! There is nothing I would love more than to prosper. I stumbled across the rhodonite crystal, while I was checking out other crystals I wasn’t familiar with. I loved the description of it and knew I had to have it. Rhodonite is more of a stone than an actual crystal, at least by appearance, but it is considered the calming stone. It reduces anger, stress and anxiety. It is beneficial to the heart chakra because it unleashes unconditional love and increases service to mankind (shoutout to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) It is also used to attract a good mate and promote passionate love.

healing crystals

The next step after purchasing the crystals I wanted to use was to charge them so that they will work to their optimal energy level and to cleanse them of any residual or negative energy. Sea salt rinses are good for cleaning crystals and healing stones. Other ways to program crystals include:

  • Place in windowsill to cleanse in the sun
  • Setting it out at night on a full moon or new moon to cleanse in the moonlight
  • Bury them in the earth

Some stones cannot be placed directly in sunlight or placed in water because they will lose their color. So make sure you do research to know which method may be detrimental to your crystals.

crystals pic 1

Once crystals are activated and charged, it is time to use them for their powers! There are several different ways to use crystals for healing. I recommend that you experiment to find which way works best for you. You can use crystals for healing by:

  • Placing them on your body during meditation or holding them in your hands while you meditate
  • Wear them in your pocket or purse
  • Place them on your yoga mat while you participate in yoga practice
  • Keep them at your workstation
  • Place them on your body for chakra healing. Some crystals work better when placed directly on the skin which enables their minerals to be absorbed through the skin

Some crystals work better when placed directly on the skin, which enables their minerals to be absorbed through the skin. Crystal healing will not take the place of my prayers. I will continue to pray for what I am believing will manifest in my life from the crystals. I am very excited to implement this method into my spiritual wellness practices. I am looking forward to all of the positive energy they will bring to my life.

Are you into alternative healing therapy? Have you used crystal healing before! Let us know!