Making Healthy Choices in College

I am sure we all have struggled with making healthy choices whether it is eating healthier, exercising regularly, or simply getting enough sleep. Speaking from experience I know making such choices are prevalent in college students. When I first attended college my eating habits were horrible. With the way my schedule was and somewhat still is, I did not have time to make breakfast/lunch/dinner every day. Which was a result in my indulgence of fast food. I would eat fast food almost every other day, go to different restaurants with my friends, and did not get as near as much weekly exercise as I needed. I just had to remind myself that it is never too late to start, or even start over if the first time did not go as planned. As I proceeded through my academic years I have made some mindful changes. Some practices that have helped me are-

  • Not eating heavy meals after a certain time
  • Making a grocery list when shopping for the week
  • Not going grocery shopping hungry
  • Making sure to eat a fulfilling breakfast
  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Chewing gum to curve appetite
  • Drinking a lot of water

Something else that has helped me in making healthy choices is getting to know myself! I know now that I prefer to go to the gym in the morning instead of at night. It allows me to get my workout in because after a long day of school, work, homework, meetings, etc., let us be honest who really wants to go to the gym afterwards. While these habits have worked for me the most important thing is to remain consistent. So being able to manage your time wisely will also reflect the healthy choices you make. Be cognizant of what you have time for and plan accordingly, like making sure you have time to meal prep every week. Being a college student is not easy, making sure you are making healthy eating choices is not any easier, but by falling into healthy habits that work for you, you can make everything a piece of cake!