This past summer was hot and became a war of hot girl versus hot boy summer. Many responded to Meg the Stallion’s proclamation of it being a hot girl summer. Originally, many thought “hot girl summer” automatically was the same as being a THOT or being promiscuous. That’s not what it is. It’s actually meant to be a positive movement that encourages confidence, authority and fun for all women. Women should be able to demand the attention they want, be unapologetically proud of who they are and how they look, and go after what they want. Why not?

Not understanding the meaning, some have were all for it and some opposed with alternate versions of what type of summer this should be such as a healing summer, grown woman summer or glow up summer. I don’t believe that we have to choose and don’t think it has to end now that fall has begun. Why can’t you create your own hot girl fall on your own terms and own definition? Here are some ideas of how you continue your hot girl summer this fall!

  1. Don’t take ish from anyone. Periodt poo.
  2. Find some good books to improve you
  3. Shoot your shot unapologetically
  4. Love the skin you’re in and flaunt the body you have
  5. Practice self-care and healing like you never have before
  6. Incorporate an appreciation routine or even a night-time routine that satisfies you
  7. Prioritize yourself over others
  8. Be the best version of yourself
  9. Don’t let people make you sweat
  10. Don’t sit in the house, go have fun!

How are you going to continue your own hot girl summer into the fall??