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If you met your soulmate, would you know it? What if you’ve known him for years? Would you believe that years later, you’d be married with a family? Life works in mysterious ways and you never know where one meeting can lead to, even through life’s twists and turns.

The story behind meeting my husband is very interesting. I first met my husband Sharif, the summer of 2008 before my senior year of high school. We were introduced through a mutual friend of ours, who is STILL my best friend til this day. Her name is Kyla and we will forever be indebted to her because I know for a fact that I would have never met Sharif if she never would have introduced us.

After a couple of months, I was hearing that Sharif had a crush on me. He had a girlfriend at the time and I had a boyfriend. Clearly, that was not a good time. A little over a year later, I found out that he ended up having a son with his girlfriend at that time (Kyla kept me updated as they were still good friends and talked often). I was still with my boyfriend at that time. Yes, our lovely friend Kyla kept both of us updated on each other’s lives when we asked or came up in conversation.

Sharif and I were friends on social media, Facebook and Twitter, so we would see things here and there about each other. In about 2010, Sharif hit me up on Facebook and Twitter a few times just to have conversation and according to him, I was not having it LOL. I honestly do not remember a lot of these times. When 2011 came, the year I turned 21 years old … Sharif pops back up. In November 2011, I turned 21 and I saw him and his friends at the club that I went out to that night. We talked for a few minutes then of course I went with my friends. I did not think I would talk to Sharif again at that time.

December 2011 came and this was when Voxer was in LOL. I was at the beauty shop getting my hair done and he voice messaged me on Voxer. A smile came on my face and we started conversing from there. We saw each other a couple of times after that, but then I went on a family vacation to Florida for Christmas a couple of weeks after that. He asked me on a date while I was gone and I told him I would think about it. That crushed his little feelings. He really thought I was playing with him and pretty much let me be while I was enjoying my vacation.

So for New Year’s Eve, my family drove to Atlanta and I went to downtown Atlanta for the holiday with my cousin and best friend. This night started it all (December 31, 2011). My best friend and cousin had boyfriends at the time and I did not. So they called their boyfriends at midnight on New Year’s Day and me being drunk, I “voxered” Sharif to tell him Happy New Year. He responded happily. Later that night, he said that he was going to “cuff me” in 2012. I did not believe him.

When I returned from vacation we went on our first date to Dave and Buster’s. I still think that was our best date ever. I will just be honest, I was skeptical to date Sharif because he had a son already and I was scared of dealing with “Baby Mama Drama”. After our date, something in me told me to give this man a chance and just see what happens. We made it official on January 29, 2012 and he proposed to me January 29, 2014.

How i met my husband

It is interesting when people ask me and Sharif how we met, but we just give the simple answer that our mutual friend, Kyla, introduced us. It has kind of a long back story, but I am very thankful for that man. I randomly just look at him and ask him did you really think that we would every get married and have a child together?

How i met my husband

We married on April 25, 2015. We also had our first son together March 8, 2016. His name is Caci (Casey) Amir Oliver and is now 5 months old. It really is crazy how life happens, but I love Sharif more than words can say. That’s my soulmate.