Anytime I take a break from the gym, it always takes me a while before I’m able to get back. It takes some positive self-talk and days of trying before I can find my confidence. Now I’ve found the perfect balance of finding my confidence quicker and getting back in the routine of working out.

Plan Ahead

How to Be Confident at the Gym

Half the battle of going to the gym is planning ahead. You have to know what days you want to go to the gym and prepare yourself for that. So I pick days that I want to go to classes and pack my gym bag for those days. Once it’s packed, I leave the bag in my car, so that’s no excuse for me not to go.

If you’re a protein shake or smoothie drinker like me, it also helps if you prep your shakes and smoothies ahead. They usually last for three days, so I make mine on Sunday, which would last me until about Wednesday.

Pack Cute Gym Clothes

How to Be Confident at the Gym

Looking the part and having essentials are necessary. It even helps if they’re cute! I love to find high-waist gym pants that are cute and comfortable. Also finding a good sports bra that gives good support is also important. You can find them at various local stores on a budget.

I got my gym shoes a while back and they were very comfortable at first, but it’s time for a change. Having comfortable shoes is important because you don’t want that to hinder your workout. Being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing is a big motivation at the gym.

Be Prepared

How to Be Confident at the Gym

There are days where my there’s a substitute teacher for my class or the class is canceled, well you don’t want the trip to the gym to go to waste. So it’s important to be prepared. Pack headphones just in case it’s turns out to be a machine day for you.

Ladies, sometimes we also get a surprise from our cycle, which can totally kill your workout vibes, but it doesn’t have to. Picking products that work for you are important, especially if you aren’t fond of tampons. For me, having the support I need is important and that usually calls for a heavy pad. U by Kotex Fitness has created an ultra-thin pad for heavy flow, which doesn’t feel clunky during workouts like other heavy pads. They have wings, which help them stay put during my favorite Zumba class and they absorb pretty fast too.

Don’t let your period stop you from achieving your body goals. The entire U by Kotex Fitness Collection is available at your local Walgreens and can even be found on sale or for extra car points.

U by Kotex Fitness

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