how to end self-sabotaging

I’m sure we have all heard of the saying “you are your biggest critics”. I’ve seen this so many times. I have even criticized myself but of course I didn’t realize it at the time. However, there is a difference between constructive criticism and right out self-sabotaging. We often allow ourselves to get in the way of living a self-loving life. Self-sabotaging is any behavior, emotion or thought you have that prevents you from doing something. These behaviors can be very detrimental if they aren’t recognized. There are already many life obstacles we face in our everyday lives, we should be working on building ourselves up even if no one else is.

Over the years, I found myself stuck in the same place mentally. I wondered what I needed to do to climb out of my thought process. Then I realized I kept making excuses as to why I wasn’t accomplishing the goals I set for myself. I felt like the days were passing and I didn’t get anything done. Then I realized it was me,, not the pressure of life holding me back. I was self-sabotaging and didn’t know how to break that cycle. Acceptance is key. I identified what I was doing wrong and what I needed to start doing to ensure I was making progress and preventing my goals from being stagnant.

Here are four ways to end self-sabotaging:

how to end self-sabotaging 2

Stop negative thinking

We often allow ourselves to fill our head with negative thoughts. We think we can’t do it, that it is too big of a task to complete, or who would want someone like me. All of these thoughts prevents us from being the best version of who we are and want to be. When we think negatively, we can create limitations. We can’t think about what we are able to do, if we believe we aren’t good enough or deserving of those great things in life.

Minimize anxiety

When we worry about things, it builds a wall that we aren’t able to climb over. We may stop getting things accomplished because we are anxious about what others may think. So then we don’t try at all. We put ourselves in a bubble and allow ourselves to stay in it because we can’t stop worrying about what would happen if we stepped out of it. You have to stop worrying, be vulnerable and trust in yourself.

Stop procrastination

I have dealt with procrastination for some time now. I know that I struggle with this, even with me knowing, it continues to happen. People who procrastinate are often scared to see what happens when they get things done early. We are so accustomed to living with procrastination that we wouldn’t know how to feel if we don’t do it. We have to be okay with success and progress. It is okay to do things on time without feeling like we have to live on the edge. You can get things done, by just getting started.

Start following through

Following through with your dreams and goals goes hand in hand with procrastination. When we can let go of procrastination, we are able to follow through with the things we truly want to see happen in our lives. Once we realize we are in control of our life, we are able to make the necessary decisions. We can ensure we are living the life we want and not the life we feel forced to live.

You have to be transparent with yourself and ask “am I the reason why I’m not doing the things I desire to do?”. If you ask that and you are the reason, you need to work on shifting your mind. Go from “I can’t and I’m not good enough” to “I will and I can”.