Are you living your best life? I seem to constantly ask myself this question, more so recently than before. I recently turned 25 and there were a lot of emotions and thoughts flowing in me. I’m a very confident person but I began to ask myself am I doing all the things I should be doing at this age. Am I happy at work, did I make the right decision going back to school and am I missing anything? I’m sure we have all asked these things whether you’re younger or older than 25. You will always be at some stage in your life and how you feel about every stage will more than likely change and may bring mixed feelings. Don’t worry yourself. What you’re feeling is completely okay.

Have you heard the saying “you are your biggest critic”? It’s so true! We are so hard on ourselves. Whether you’re a perfectionist like me and you just have to do things right all the time or you doubt yourself whether or not you are doing something the right way. It doesn’t matter the circumstances–you have to learn to let up, embrace yourself with open arms and love on you. I believe when you are able to do that and become best friends with yourself you will feel more alive and confident in the decisions you make. I will say I’m no expert in everything but I have become an expert in knowing myself. In doing so, I have picked up some very valuable life lessons along the way.

How to live your best life

Don’t Do Things for the Hell of It

You don’t always have to do everything. Narrow your interests and put time into things that hold meaning and value to you. Evaluate what you put your energy into and question if you are receiving the same energy in return. Never be afraid to say no and quit things that aren’t serving a purpose in your life.

You Have Choices

Realize this is your life and you have the choice to live it how you want to. Nobody else but YOU can make that choice.

Be Empathetic

Remember everyone has a story and the only way for you to understand it is if you put yourself in their shoes to view life through the lens they see it through.

Lean In

What does leaning in mean? When things get hard make sure you lean in. When you second guess yourself make sure you lean in. Challenge yourself to face your fears and when things get tough around the edges, don’t give up — lean in.

Accept Your Mistakes

Don’t beat yourself up over things you can’t change. Every mistake is a lesson learned and you should always embrace every lesson. You can’t control the past but can control what you do today.

The life you choose to live is your decision. Just make sure that life is the best life. So…are you living your best life?