“Protect your energy!!” Is what I’ll be yelling loud and proud this year. After reflecting on things I shouldn’t have done and the people I should’ve let go sooner than I did, I have to make this a priority. I’m definitely going into this year being conscientious of how I spend my time. I had to be transparent with myself and knew I had to stop making excuses for why I’m not putting myself first. Making time for yourself should always be a priority over everything else.

You can’t give what you don’t have, so you have to be aware of your needs and when enough is enough. I would always feel guilty when I would do something for myself because I felt like there were always other things that were more of a priority than having time for me. Making you a priority sounds simple right? In reality, it can be very difficult if you have the “Superwoman syndrome” and feel like you have to get everything done. So as this year takes off, I want to make myself more of a priority. Here’s how you can too!

Say no more

Don’t be the yes man. If you’re constantly saying yes to things, it means you’re saying no to you. So don’t be afraid to say no when you know you want to. Don’t feel obligated to give an immediate response. It’s okay to say you’ll get back with them.

Do what you can, when you can

You will run yourself to the ground if you try to do everything all at once. Prioritize the things that are of most importance. Do as much as you can with the time you have and be okay with not being able to do everything. There is always a tomorrow. So breath, relax and make a to do list.

Shift your mindset

You are constantly putting work, family and friends first. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty if you choose you first instead. You have to tell yourself you are worth it and deserve that time to check out from everything that consumes your life and check into time with yourself.

Ask for what you need

If you are in need of anything, don’t be afraid to lean on your friends and family like they lean on you. Speak up when voicing your needs from those in your life. It’s okay to have expectations from those around you.

Do what you like

This is your life and you only get one. So do the things you like doing. If you ever wanted to go to rock climbing, go! If you want to read more, do that! Start investing time in doing the things that brings you joy and that you don’t have to be perfect at in order to enjoy them.

How do you put yourself first? Leave it in the comments!