Menstrual cups are popular fad for women to use in place of pads and tampons. They last for years before replacing them and you can wear them for hours at a time before changing it. They are said to be better for your body than tampons. I began seeing and hearing about menstrual cups and was very intrigued on how they worked. I get tired of buying pads and tampons. Anything that can help me save money and is better for my body, I am all for trying.

After trying, my experience with these were funny and scary at the same time. I imagined them being like a tampon (after putting it in place, there is something that hangs out for you to pull it out). That was not necessarily the case. I do want to say that everyone’s bodies are different so do not take everything I say as truth for how your experience might be. However, I used them twice prior to writing this review.

The first day I used the menstrual cup was an up and down experience. It was easy to get in so I was happy about that. It was a little weird at first but it was comfortable, again I was happy about that. According to the instructions, you can wear them for up to 12 hours, which is not the case for tampons. I was too nervous to go that long so I went about 8 hours before taking it out and reusing it. Y’all this is where it gets funny. I went to the restroom at work and I could not find the cup! I was in there panicking.

I just knew that my vagina swallowed the cup and I was going to have to go to the hospital to get this damn thing removed. I literally dug my fingers up my vagina to get it out and I had to use my Kegel (pelvic floor) to push it down in order for me to grab it and pull it out. I am sure you all can only imagine my damn face. I was outdone and did not want to use it again. I waited until the next day to give it another try.

The next day was the same experience where it was easy to get in but hard to get out. I am thinking to myself, “My goodness, is this worth it because I feel like it should not be this difficult.” I am not a punk so I continued to use it. It ended up getting easier each day. I realized that for my body, I have to use my Kegel and push to get it down enough for me to pull it out easily. I was not completely satisfied, so I wanted to try it again when my period came the next month. I remembered what I did before and it was MUCH easier than the first go round. I thought, “okay, I think I can do this.” It is good enough for me to not waste money on tampons anymore.

I believe that menstrual cups do what they are supposed to do. I tend to leak when I wear my tampons and always have to wear a light day pad with it and this was not different. I am okay with that though. My cup never overflowed even on my heavy days, which I was surprised with. It is better than wearing a big pad all day! You can also sleep with them in. I have slept with it in but I am not comfortable doing it all the time yet. I will definitely continue to use them. Have any of you tried them? What have been your experiences with them? Please share with us!