It has been five years since Jill Scott released an album and I must say, this is exactly what neo-soul needed. This eclectic collection of songs, story-telling different phases in womanhood has been produced by a few notables including David Banner and Warryn Campbell (gospel-artist Erica Campbell’s husband). While there are some funky, retro tunes on this album, the overall feel is mellow and she provides great songs to vibe out to with a nice glass of wine.

What I love about this album is that she almost covers every topic that occurs in womanhood. I was expecting a love ballad in the mix and I got it with “Back Together”. This song is a powerful love ballad, where Scott sings “pieces of me was scattered, blowing in different directions… put me back together.” This is my favorite song on the album. Other love songs include: “Can’t Wait” where she can’t wait to get off work and unwind from a busy day so she can relax and be in his comfort and presence; as well as “Lighthouse” which assures the man in her life that he can vent to her and she is his shoulder to lean on during hard times.

There are quite a few breakup tracks as well. “Fool’s Gold” (the album’s first single) is about realizing a guy is not good for her after she has been involved with him. The song “Closure” is also a break up song. Although “Cruisin” is not a breakup song, it is about being taking her time and being sure someone is right for her before she dates.

One of my other favorite tracks is titled, “Prepared”. It is about bettering herself and getting herself together for whatever God has in store for her future. She sings about getting herself together for when she sees “him” down the aisle but I also interpreted that as when she sees God at the end of life as well. This track was the most relatable to me because I am exactly at this point in my life that the song discusses.

I highly recommend this album for women, men, couples, and all music lovers. I may be bias because I believe Jill Scott can do no wrong, but this album was a nice wake-up call to the R&B genre. Go to iTunes and add this one to your music collection now!

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