At the beginning of 2017, I said you know what, I want to go into the year living with more intention. In 2016, I found myself constantly all over the place with my thoughts and not doing the things I wanted to do. I would say I wanted to do go to the gym more, learn how to meal prep and declutter my apartment. I wanted do these things, but was never intentional. I’m sure this has happened to almost everyone before and that is okay!

I knew I needed to start being more intentional when all of my friends would tell me I am always busy. I realized they were right. I was always busy, but I barely had anything to show for it. So I knew I needed to slow down and be more aware of what was happening in my life and take control. Sometimes you have to take a step back to give yourself time to reflect on you. It’s pretty simple, right?

I bet some may ask, what does it even means to “live with intention” because I sure did! There is a quote that has resonated with me since I have started living with more intention. It puts intention into perspective.

“to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.”

Living with Intention
So, here are some ways I have practiced living with intention daily:

  • Stay aware: You have the ability to speak how you feel into existence. You have to be mindful of your thoughts and how you bring them into the world. Pay attention to the things that give you energy and do those things. Make sure you create a weekly intention and each day do things that will get you closer to it. When you are doing something, be more in the moment and don’t think about what you are going to do later that night or tomorrow.
  • Nurture yourself: Love on yourself, love on yourself! Make sure you are gentle with yourself as you try to be more intentional. I constantly beat myself up over things that are in the past and that I have no control over. Once I started being more kind to myself, I realized I felt at ease and stopped trying to change things that I couldn’t.
  • Take charge: You have to step up and just do it. Whatever that may be. Don’t create excuses when all you need is a plan and stick to it. I know that can be easier said than done, but you can’t live day by day and think things will magically get done. There’s times I think, I wish I would spend more time with my friends or read a book I’ve been telling myself I’m going to start reading for months. One thing we have no control over is time. You have to learn how to be on time’s good side. Otherwise, your reason for everything will be, “Well, I didn’t have enough time”. If you don’t take charge of how you want your life to go, everything else will take charge of it instead.

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Being intentional isn’t a place to arrive at, but a state of being. It should be an ongoing way of living. Remember, if you find yourself not exactly where you wanted to be for the week, you can always start over. However, when you start over make sure you stay aware, nurture yourself and take charge!