Have you tried Lottabody’s “Wrap Me Foaming Mousse”? I absolutely love this product! It does a complete 360 for my hair. It has coconut and shea oils that keeps my hair moisturized, very soft, little to no frizz and add tons of bounce! It leaves my hair with a lustrous shine that I have yet to find with any other products I’ve used. Oh and did I mention no other oils are needed!

Not only does it do all of these things for my hair, which with my 4b hair type I definitely need it, but I can wear my hair styles for an entire week and sometimes even longer. With my busy work, school and personal schedule I need styles that don’t require a lot of extra time in the morning. I’ve used this product on styles such as perm rod sets and twist outs. Each time I have absolutely loved the results. I’m looking forward to using other products from the Lottabody hair line. So stay tuned!