A lot of people live their lives constantly doing something with their time. Every minute is spent doing something whether it’s working, spending time with family or a significant other, doing hobbies or just cleaning. I too fall guilty of not taking a moment to zoom out. I’m consistently viewing life from the everyday worries I may have. I started to notice I was doing the same things every day, every week and wasn’t finding time to actually do things that don’t consist of me thinking and planning things.

It’s life, that happens but you can’t go so long without taking a moment to ask yourself are you happy right now. Are you doing things that you want to do or you doing things because you have to? If you find yourself feeling like you’re against a wall. It might be time for you to hit that reset button!

What does hitting the reset button even mean? That’s exactly what I asked when I was first introduced to the concept. You can hit the reset button in any aspect of your life. I decided it was time to hit the reset button when my friends would tell me I was always working or doing something business or work related. I knew I wasn’t making enough time for me, the things I wanted to do and the places I wanted to go. Life goes on, whether you are ready for it or not. But if you need a change of pace and ready to hit your reset button, here’s a few ways you can do so!

Eliminate What Doesn’t Make You Happy

I know so many people, even myself at times that complain about things that make them unhappy. All you have to do is CHANGE it! If you are unhappy about your job, look for another one. If you have a friend that is constantly being negative, don’t indulge in conversation with them. People often forget that they have a choice for everything or person in their life. You have the power to change who and what you let in. If something is there, it’s only there because you allowed it to be.

Reevaluate Your Goals

As I have grown older who I wanted to be or what I wanted has changed. I realized the goals I created years ago no longer aligned with who I was. I noticed this when deciding on a career and whether or not I wanted to go on to a graduate program. The reason why I chose what I wanted to do at the age of 18 isn’t what I was passionate about at the age of 24. I hadn’t thought to reevaluate my goals until then. Make sure your goals meet you where you are at this moment in your life.

Spend Time on You

I can’t emphasize this enough, spend time on YOU! We often spread ourselves thin doing for others and not enough for ourselves. Take time to get a massage, join a yoga class, or take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. You can even power down your phone and computer and spend uninterrupted quiet time alone. Everything you do for you counts.