miguels wildheart

Album: Wildheart (Deluxe Version)
Release Date: June 26 2015
Genre: R&B, Soul, Contemporary R&B
Favorite Tracks: a beautiful exit, coffee, waves

Miguel presents his third full length album and let me just say ladies…I’m very pleased with him. Now if you are listening to this album in a family setting it might not be appropriate.  We know Miguel can get a bit raunchy when he’s expressing himself through his music. His colorful lyrics do paint a picture for the listener and this is one of the reasons I fell in love with Miguel. The guitar and smooth upbeat melody in most of the songs on this album will have you listening to the whole thing straight through. A few tracks stand out to me simply because I feel Miguel has completely immersed himself in his own unique sound. His first album was much closer to what we would consider R&B; it was somewhat safe. His progression as an artist has lead to a mixture of R&B and funk with the perfect sprinkle of a 70s rock influence. The track “the valley” is definitely one of the most suggestive songs on the album, but still left me nodding my head. Overall Miguel has put out another masterpiece and once again proved he is truly an artist.