I’ll have to be honest, for a very long time I didn’t have a skincare regimen. I didn’t break out a lot so I thought it didn’t matter how I washed my face or what I used. I never had any major issues with my skin unless I was stressing over something then I would get stress bumps in my break out areas. Even though I rarely encountered breakouts, I still found it beneficial to have a skincare regimen to maintain the condition of my skin. It’s important to begin investing early in the health of your skin and not waiting until your skin is really bad to do something about it. Here is what has helped me understand why skincare regimen is so important.

Why You Need a Skincare Regimen

Know your skin type

We are all made of different shades and types of skin. Just because one of your Sisterfriends used a certain product doesn’t mean that same product will work for you. If you don’t already know your skin type, find out what it is! This will allow you to use products that cater to your skin type. Then, once you learn whether you have sensitive, normal, combination, or dry skin. The products you need to use for what is happening with your skin will be easier to identify and your skincare regimen will make more sense for your skin. After identifying your skin type the most important steps in having a skin regimen are to:

Cleanse: Your face is in constant contact with dirt, dust, makeup and pollution throughout the day. Before getting in bed make sure you wash your face with a facial wash to ensure your pores aren’t clogged overnight. It’s best if you can wash your face twice a day but if you can’t, shoot for once and wash it in the evening.

Moisturize: Stay moisturized! Make sure you are taking time to protect your face by adding a layer of protection. Also, apply your moisturizer while your face is still damp. This will help lock it any extra moisture!

Prevent: This is one I never considered until recently. You want to make sure you are preventing skin damage from the sun. Even though I am a woman of color, the sun can still cause damage. During harsh weather, I make sure I use some type of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. I use everything Aveeno. They have a really good sunscreen that isn’t too oily.

What’s your skin type and what works best for your skin?