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8 easy ways to reduce bloating
in HEALTH, Health Tips

8 Easy Ways to Reduce Bloating

Bloating has to be one of the worse feelings in the world. That is a complete exaggeration but it is highly uncomfortable. Bloating is a buildup of gas in the abdomen. It can be in the stomach and/or intestines. Yes, contrary to popular belief, it is not fluid in your lower abdomen you are feeling. Bloating causes stomach cramps, back pain, burps, hiccups and that tight stomach discomfort where you feel like you cannot button up your pants. The most common cause for belly bloating is dietary triggers and constipation….

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natural hairstyles for the spring
in BEAUTY, Natural Hair

5 Natural Hairstyles for the Spring

Looking for natural hairstyles for the spring styles? Here are a few that can help you prepare your hair for the summer with some cute, but easy styles. Get inspiration from theses naturalistas and check out more that you may love! Share your favorite styles or which ones you’ll be rocking this spring. 1. High Puff A post shared by YouTube: Fèyísétàn B. Idowu (@feyisetanidowu) on Apr 18, 2017 at 7:32am PDT High puffs are cute and simple. They are perfect for wash and gos that are a few days…

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Vulnerability is Strength
in Advice, LIFE

Vulnerability is Strength

I’ve never been the type to ask for help. I honestly hate asking for help or needing anyone’s help for that matter. You can call me prideful if you’d like, but I hate giving people the power to throw their support back in my face. Although, I don’t ask for help much, when I do, it’s because I need it. We all need help sometimes right? Well, I was raised to be a self-sufficient, independent strong black woman. This is exactly why I struggle with asking for help, because I’m…

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foods that boost your immune system
in HEALTH, Health Tips

8 Foods that boost your immune system

I know that winter is over but if you are looking for ways to prevent colds and other sicknesses, your first step should be a visit to your local grocery store. Who wants to be sick during the spring and summer, right? Feeding your body certain foods may help to keep your immune system running strong. Not by any means will just eating one of these foods completely fight off the flu, but they could help a great deal. Keep in mind that variety is key to proper nutrition. Pay…

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Hit the Reset Button
in Advice, LIFE

It May be Time to Hit the Reset Button

A lot of people live their lives constantly doing something with their time. Every minute is spent doing something whether it’s working, spending time with family or a significant other, doing hobbies or just cleaning. I too fall guilty of not taking a moment to zoom out. I’m consistently viewing life from the everyday worries I may have. I started to notice I was doing the same things every day, every week and wasn’t finding time to actually do things that don’t consist of me thinking and planning things. It’s…

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ray ball from a few hungry girls
in Feature, HEALTH


Ray Ball is the creator of A Few Hungry Girls blog. She promotes health and wellness, with a fun personality! She loves to share easy ways for people to achieve healthier food options in their kitchens. We were inspired by her health journey and how she also has great hair! Read more about Ray and why she’s our crush this week.

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Get Better Sleep

7 Ways to Get Better Sleep

This year, I’ve made it a goal to get better sleep. I have always struggled with getting consistent good sleep at night. Especially when I was in college, there would be nights when I wouldn’t go to sleep at all and would pay for it the next day. But what college student didn’t do that, right? Recently, I have realized how important it is to get an adequate amount of sleep. Now, I don’t have a problem with getting sleep but instead with the quality of sleep I get. If you…

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