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Lip mask for dry lips
in BEAUTY, Product Reviews

Bella J. Swirly Girl Lip Spa Set Review

It is no secret that I have been dealing with dry skin for a while. Unfortunately, my lips are not exempt from this. Usually a nice EOS lip balm (also known as the egg lip balm) works really well for my lips but there was this one time that lip balm was not enough. My lips were dry, cracking and wearing lipstick dried them out even more. I’m also convinced that they were turning a dark, purple color in some spots (and no I am not a smoker). I tried…

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Quick Morning Breakfast Meals
in HEALTH, Health Tips

Quick Morning Breakfast Meals

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We hear this all the time, right? It’s true but breakfast is also the meal that a lot of people miss the most. I have to eat breakfast or I won’t be good for anybody. Without breakfast I am moody and lower functioning than usual. So, I try my hardest to eat something in the morning. Whether it is an apple, oatmeal or a breakfast bar I make sure I don’t skip it. Eating breakfast was very difficult for me when…

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in BEAUTY, Natural Hair

Loc Braid-Out Tutorial

Braid-outs are to me what twist-outs are to my loose natural Sisterfriends. It is a full proof way to give my locs some volume and definition with minimal effort. A loc braid-out takes less time to do than putting rollers or pipe cleaners in my head and I get very similar results. The style can last a while and most importantly, it is super easy to sleep on. What You Need Rubber bands Coconut oil (or a moisturizer of your choice) Spritzer Bottle Blow dryer or hooded hair dryer Step…

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Why you are feeling unsatisfied in your relationship
in Advice, LIFE, Love

Why You Are Feeling Unsatisfied in Your Relationship

Everyone gets into relationships hoping it will be their happy ever after. That is the reality for some people but for others it is just a fairytale. If anyone ever told you they never experienced hardships it would be a lie. Every relationship of course is different but I’ve known a lot of people that have shared similar struggles. Some of these things people may have gone through but blew it off and said things would get better down the road. Out of all my relationships, there were four things…

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Favorite Spring Lipstick Colors
in BEAUTY, Makeup, Product Reviews

Favorite Spring Lipstick Colors

In the words of our Sisterfriend Jenny, spring has sprung! Well if you live in the Midwest like us, winter is still lingering around but nonetheless, it is officially spring. One of my favorite things about the springtime is the breakout of pastel colors! There isn’t a color I shy away from or that I think is too bold. That definitely includes my favorite accessory, lipstick. When it comes to lip color, I usually stick to variations of reds, pinks and purples. There are five favorite lipstick colors that I…

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I Thought I Lost My Menstrual Cup
in HEALTH, Product Reviews

I Thought I Lost My Menstrual Cup | Product Review

Menstrual cups are popular fad for women to use in place of pads and tampons. They last for years before replacing them and you can wear them for hours at a time before changing it. They are said to be better for your body than tampons. I began seeing and hearing about menstrual cups and was very intrigued on how they worked. I get tired of buying pads and tampons. Anything that can help me save money and is better for my body, I am all for trying. After trying,…

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Fearlessly SHE Summit

Black Woman-Owned Businesses to Support for Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a month to celebrate how far women have come and ignite passion for where we still have to go. It’s also a month to emphasis “Girl Power” and support women like no other. There’s something special about women supporting women. We get more done, we’re stronger and have a greater impact. Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, making up 14% of woman-owned businesses. Although black women have such a large percentage and have shown visible growth, black women only receive .002%…

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How to Achieve a New Body
in Fitness, HEALTH

How To Achieve A New Body

The long, sleepless nights, the stretch marks, bigger areolas, and wider hips. This ALL happened to me while I was pregnant and now I am pretty much stuck it all. Or am I? It took me a long time to be comfortable with my body and be confident with myself after I had my son. I was dealing with some other factors including being on medications for Ulcerative Colitis, which caused me to gain excessive weight after birth. It began to make me feel depressed and I felt like I…

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