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Favorite Spring Lipstick Colors
in BEAUTY, Makeup, Product Reviews

Favorite Spring Lipstick Colors

In the words of our Sisterfriend Jenny, spring has sprung! Well if you live in the Midwest like us, winter is still lingering around but nonetheless, it is officially spring. One of my favorite things about the springtime is the breakout of pastel colors! There isn’t a color I shy away from or that I think is too bold. That definitely includes my favorite accessory, lipstick. When it comes to lip color, I usually stick to variations of reds, pinks and purples. There are five favorite lipstick colors that I…

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I Thought I Lost My Menstrual Cup
in HEALTH, Product Reviews

I Thought I Lost My Menstrual Cup | Product Review

Menstrual cups are popular fad for women to use in place of pads and tampons. They last for years before replacing them and you can wear them for hours at a time before changing it. They are said to be better for your body than tampons. I began seeing and hearing about menstrual cups and was very intrigued on how they worked. I get tired of buying pads and tampons. Anything that can help me save money and is better for my body, I am all for trying. After trying,…

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Fearlessly SHE Summit

Black Woman-Owned Businesses to Support for Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a month to celebrate how far women have come and ignite passion for where we still have to go. It’s also a month to emphasis “Girl Power” and support women like no other. There’s something special about women supporting women. We get more done, we’re stronger and have a greater impact. Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, making up 14% of woman-owned businesses. Although black women have such a large percentage and have shown visible growth, black women only receive .002%…

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How to Achieve a New Body
in Fitness, HEALTH

How To Achieve A New Body

The long, sleepless nights, the stretch marks, bigger areolas, and wider hips. This ALL happened to me while I was pregnant and now I am pretty much stuck it all. Or am I? It took me a long time to be comfortable with my body and be confident with myself after I had my son. I was dealing with some other factors including being on medications for Ulcerative Colitis, which caused me to gain excessive weight after birth. It began to make me feel depressed and I felt like I…

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Creating Intimacy without being intimate
in Advice, LIFE, Love

Creating Intimacy without being intimate

As I travel through my twenties, I have realized having sex is important but it isn’t the only thing alone that drives a relationship. Let’s be real, I know some of us have had situations where sex was the first thing to happen, then we tried to make things work and they just couldn’t. Maybe it was because intimacy wasn’t the foundation of the situation. Sex and intimacy are two different things and without both it can be difficult to maintain the other. You can have sex with anyone but…

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Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil
in BEAUTY, Natural Hair, Product Reviews

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Review

Interesting enough, I first bought this oil when I had hair extensions. I didn’t buy it with intentions on using it for my natural hair. I have had extensions in the past where is the hair would get really dry and didn’t last as long as I would have liked. So, when I bought these new extensions I wanted to make sure the same thing didn’t repeat itself because let me tell you, I paid too much money for that to happen! I was asking around and a friend recommended…

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How to Organize Your Planner and Life
in Advice, LIFE

How to Organize Your Planner and Life

One of my favorite things about the new year is being able to buy a new planner. Don’t worry if you’re behind, you can do this at any point in the year. I love all things that make me feel like I am more organized than I am. There is something about planner stickers and multi-colored pens that give me so much excitement. My planner is my lifeline! It is hard to balance life when you are unorganized. It helps me keep my work schedule, The Strength of SHE business,…

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How to make yourself a priority this year

“Protect your energy!!” Is what I’ll be yelling loud and proud this year. After reflecting on things I shouldn’t have done and the people I should’ve let go sooner than I did, I have to make this a priority. I’m definitely going into this year being conscientious of how I spend my time. I had to be transparent with myself and knew I had to stop making excuses for why I’m not putting myself first. Making time for yourself should always be a priority over everything else. You can’t give…

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