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Hit the Reset Button
in Advice, LIFE

It May be Time to Hit the Reset Button

A lot of people live their lives constantly doing something with their time. Every minute is spent doing something whether it’s working, spending time with family or a significant other, doing hobbies or just cleaning. I too fall guilty of not taking a moment to zoom out. I’m consistently viewing life from the everyday worries I may have. I started to notice I was doing the same things every day, every week and wasn’t finding time to actually do things that don’t consist of me thinking and planning things. It’s…

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ray ball from a few hungry girls
in Feature, HEALTH


Ray Ball is the creator of A Few Hungry Girls blog. She promotes health and wellness, with a fun personality! She loves to share easy ways for people to achieve healthier food options in their kitchens. We were inspired by her health journey and how she also has great hair! Read more about Ray and why she’s our crush this week.

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Get Better Sleep

7 Ways to Get Better Sleep

This year, I’ve made it a goal to get better sleep. I have always struggled with getting consistent good sleep at night. Especially when I was in college, there would be nights when I wouldn’t go to sleep at all and would pay for it the next day. But what college student didn’t do that, right? Recently, I have realized how important it is to get an adequate amount of sleep. Now, I don’t have a problem with getting sleep but instead with the quality of sleep I get. If you…

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Ashley Coleman WriteLaughDream
in Feature, LIFE

SHE WCW: Ashley Coleman

For the entire month, in celebration of Women’s History Month, we will feature some of our SHE Crushes! These women are doing great things in the areas as an influencer for women as entrepreneurs or in love, health, wellness and beauty. Our first SHE Crush is writer and entrepreneur, Ashley Coleman! I’m a member of Ashley’s Writing community on Facebook, The Writer’s Muse, and met her last year at the Blogalicious Conference. She is real and has an amazing spirit. She even recently wrote me and many others a personal…

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healing crystals

The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystal healing has either gained a lot of popularity recently or many people I am connected with are on a wellness/spiritual-awareness kick. I am all for cleansing my aura and making sure my chakras are aligned and opened, so I figured I would give crystal healing a try. This method of alternative therapy uses crystals and stones to cure ailments, draw out negative energies, produce positive energies and protect you against disease. This is not a medically certified technique of healing, but many people believe in its power to help….

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Why You Need a Skincare Regimen
in BEAUTY, Skincare

Why You Need a Skincare Regimen

I’ll have to be honest, for a very long time I didn’t have a skincare regimen. I didn’t break out a lot so I thought it didn’t matter how I washed my face or what I used. I never had any major issues with my skin unless I was stressing over something then I would get stress bumps in my break out areas. Even though I rarely encountered breakouts, I still found it beneficial to have a skincare regimen to maintain the condition of my skin. It’s important to begin…

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in Advice, LIFE

Vamp Life: Surviving Night Shift

After the first stint of working night shift, I swore that I would never work it again. I did it for a long-lasting five months that honestly felt like five years. I spent the entire time sleep deprived. Either I slept too much or not enough. If someone did not hear from me in a while, it was safe to assume that I was sleep. I have gotten anywhere from 2 hours of sleep to 18 hours of sleep during this dreadful time period. I felt like a zombie and…

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