As a natural beauty, it can be difficult to find different hair styles to suit the look you want with your hair type. When I was transitioning to become natural, I was so afraid to try new hairstyles because I didn’t know how they would turn out. I’m sure we all watch YouTube videos trying to imitate hair styles. Shoot, I know I’m definitely guilty of it. Sometimes it comes out just as you imagined or you end up having to do something else with you hair. That’s okay! One thing I have learned on my journey as a natural beauty—what works for someone else, won’t work for you. So you find products and tools that will work with your hair to get the designated style you are looking for. Luckily, with this perm rod set, the products and tools I used gave me a new style that I have fallen in love with. Stay tuned!

  1. First, I washed my hair, doing my usual wash routine. When I wash my hair I wash it in four separate sections, so when I go to style it is already separated. I make sure my hair was damp before starting.
  2. I then started at the back by taking a small section of my hair. For each piece I used a little of coconut oil then used Lottabody’s “Wrap Me Foaming Mousse”. For every section I use my Denman brush for detangling.
  3. I rolled each section of hair starting at the end going all the way to my root, making sure it’s close to my root as possible.
  4. Once my head was completely rolled, I sat under a hooded dryer for 10 minutes to allow my hair to set. This ensures the roots are dry, but this step is not required. You can also let it dry completely overnight.
  5. The morning after, I separated each section giving it a fuller look. Two days after I will use a wide tooth comb or a pick to make my hair look more voluptuous. I wait two days so the style can last longer, but you can do this step the first day.

That was easy right?! Just remember that no one’s hair is the same. You may need to add or take away a step to fit your hair type. I was able to follow these steps from someone and I absolutely loved it! Try it and see how it turns out!