The Pinky Promise Conference was held last month and I was blessed to be able to attend with my bestfriend/sister/cousin Keisha! We planned on attending in 2014, but the conference fell on my wedding weekend. So I was very happy to see it was a month earlier this year! There were about 2,000 women in attendance and when I tell you I wish I could describe the presence we all felt—I really can’t put it to words. We were all there to worship, learn and meet other women of God—we all succeeded with that.

The conference included workshops about being a Godly mother, dressing modestly yet fashionable, being a business woman God’s way, sessions for single women and married women and a couples panel. ALL of the presenters were amazing and at conferences that can be rare. If you walked out of a session without new knowledge and perspective, then your heart was not open to receive it. They were all personable, made the workshops relatable and really brought the Word to life with real examples of today. After each session, Keisha and I would regroup and talk about what we learned and how we could implement them in our lives. The most impactful workshops for me were “How to Be a Godly Mother” and “Marriage Seminar”. Submission is always an interesting topic of discussion and I wanted to know if I was really being submissive in the way that the Bible means. I needed real life examples and I got them. I was doing a lot of things right, but definitely saw room for improvement. I also wanted to know how I could establish God into the life of my future children so that they know from birth who they are really living for and to please. Not the world, but God.

In addition to the workshops, we had CHURCH! Each night we received the Word from the Pinky Promise Founder Heather Lindsey and her husband, along with praise, worship and prayer. This was really important for me. My walk with God has been a long one. My childhood wasn’t always the easiest to say the least and it was often hard for me to look ahead to what was next. My family were not regular church visitors and did not have a church home. Therefore, I found God through friends’ families who invited me to their church. In middle school, my good friend Raven’s mom Gale would pick me up every Sunday for church. I am so thankful for that. Raven and I committed our lives to Christ together and were baptized together; what a beautiful connection to have with a friend. While I had grown and found God, I believe that my lack of religious foundation at home hindered how I continued in college. That and the fact of how I was really living through the flesh.

 Yet, as you grow up, you must put away childish things and excuses. My walk is no one’s, but my own and I must do this for me. So that’s what this conference was about. Learning all over again how to connect, grow and live for God. Also how to be a woman and wife in the way that He wants and designed me to be. Will I be perfect? No. Is growth a process? It sure is. Daily, I will continue to take the steps I need to in order to do this. I am planning to attend next year and will hopefully be able to bring more young women with me. We were so blessed to have this experience and to have it together. It strengthened our friendship and will allow us to hold each other accountable for what we learned and our promise to return home not in the way we left. We must allow more than our pinkies to promise, but our hearts as well. Taking care of your spiritual self is important and daily you need to do this to grow.

In addition to all of this we had Zumba as well! This incorporated how we need to take care of these bodies we were given and keep them active and healthy. I definitely encourage you to check out Pinky Promise and attend the 2016 conference! It will change you! There’s a men’s conference as well, take your beau! There were vendors there and I was able to pick up Heather’s book, “Dusty Crowns”. I’m finishing it up along with some notes and I’ll write a review on it. You can follow Heather Lindsey for daily motivation and messages of inspiration based on her walk on Instagram and Facebook as well.