Quarter-Life Crisis Averted

If you remember, I wrote a blog post about having a quarter life crisis a little over a year ago. Now all of those tears quickly dried up because my friends blessed me with a surprise birthday party, but bringing in 25 was hard for me and Chapter 25 of my life may have been one of the most challenging ones I have lived.

But any experience I go through, whether good or bad, is alright with meas long as I have been able to walk away with some lesson from it. And boy, did I learn a lot! I want to share with you all five things I learned at Twenty-Fly that I will be taking with me into Chapter 26.

1. Take the trip! Money Comes and Goes

I saw this meme that said something along the lines of, there has to be more to life than paying bills and dying. That is the truth! I refuse to work as hard as I do and not to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I strive to keep a healthy work-life balance and going on vacation (once every 3 months if possible) reduces my chance of experiencing work fatigue and burnout. In plus, who does not like to travel? It is less about escaping my life in Indy, but embracing it on a global spectrum.

I use to think that you needed to make a lot of money to travel and once I started paying for my own trips, I realized they really can be inexpensive. I learned howto find deals and bargains. The more trips I planned, the more I realized money really does come and go. Whether you get paid bi-weekly, the first and the fifteenth, or any other variation, it is all cyclic. As long as my bills are paid on time and I am not wanting for anything, I will never deprive myself of the experience of traveling.

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2. Listen to my body

A large part of being able to do my job well as a nurse, requires me to be able-bodied. I spend most of my shift on my feet and many tasks I complete require me to use both of my hands simultaneously. It is crucial for me to take care of my body. After all, this is the only body I will ever have. I focused on becoming in tune with my physical self. I no longer overdo it. I became mindful of what my body needs.

When I am tired (not always equivalent to sleepiness), I make sure that I set a great amount of time resting throughout the week. My body lets me know when I am stressed before I mentally accept it. I know which parts of my body are in pain when I am enduring psychological stressors. Stress exacerbates some of my health conditions. All of this is important because the older I get, the more my body will change and I want to continue to be more aware of what it needs.

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3. Some connections you make may not be permanent even at this point in my life

This applied to friendships and my love life. I would meet people and really think that they would be in my life forever but sometimes God has a different plan. Even in my latter twenties I have accepted that I am still going to have “season and reason” connections. I know that this is perfectly okay. Life is constantly revolving and so do people.

Some bonds that I have created with people have faded and not even on bad terms. What I have chose to focus on instead is evaluating the connection itself. As long as I can say I have walked away from each love interest and association with some type of lesson, I am more readily acceptable to someone walking out of my life and vice versa. God makes no mistakes.

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4. There is always opportunity to learn about myself.

I really thought I knew myself up until a month or so before my birthday. Life threw me some unanticipated curve balls that I never thought I would ever have to catch. You never really know what you would do in certain situations until you find yourself in them. Significant events helped me discover characteristics about myself I did not even know I possessed. And some were not even that pretty. I am not talking about superficial weaknesses I have. I am talking about stuff that was so dark, I would not even admit it to myself.

However, there is beauty in growth. Being able to be honest with myself about myself will only strengthen who I am. This will not be the first time I have unexpected ,new experiences (hopefully not this painful) but I am ready to embrace who i will become at the end of these adventures. I am not the same person that I was a year ago. I plan to constantly evolve and as long as I do that, I know I will uncover new things about myself.

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5. I am no one’s wife or mother yet and it is okay!

I have a serious issue with the way society defines women by their roles, but men are free to roam as is. Where is the pressure for men to become husbands and fathers like it is for women? And why are women who are not wives or mothers seen as less than? Did people ever stop to think that there are some women in the world who do not want to be married and/or have kids?

Okay so I am not one of these women, but I cannot afford to look at my life as lacking because I have yet to add these roles to my life resume. Nor will I let society pressure me into thinking that I am living without because I am single and childless. God has a plan and so do I!As I am shedding light and fostering into my other roles in life, I am asking that God helps me to be everything that I ask for in a mate and that He increases my patience.

Just because I do not see these things taking place in my present, does not mean that I will get discouraged. In the meantime, I will enjoy my privacy and being able to sleep in for as long as I can.

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