Our SHE Sister Dorene has begun a High Intensity Interval Training workout and is inviting all SHE Sisters who are up for a challenge to join her in the journey! The steps of her first video are posted below so SHE Sisters can also HIIT all of their fitness goals!

The first video shows burpees. This exercise is a full body workout!  It works your abs, arms and legs.  Fifteen burpees should be completed. A full burpee starts standing, jump up and then a squat down. From there you will stay down and kick your legs out, going into a plank. The next step is to bring your knees back in so you return to the squatting position. Finally, you will stand back up completing you first burpee. Repeat until you HIIT your count of fifteen.

The second video shows jumping jacks. This exercise is also a full body workout. It works your abs, arms and legs.  Fifteen jumping jacks should be completed.

The third video shows high knees. This works your legs and abs. This exercise should be completed for twenty seconds.

All three workouts should be completed three times for beginners, four times for intermediates and five times for advanced individuals.

Have fun challenging yourselves my SHE Sisters and please share your journey with us by using #IAMSHEFIT so we can follow and  your progress!

Like this post if you’re up for the challenge! Questions?? Add them below!