how to spot a fuck boy

According to Urban Dictionary, a fuck boy is an insecure little boy who does not know how to be a man and hides behind ego and lies, while utilizing manipulation tactics to make himself seem greater than what he is.

I honestly could not have said it better myself!

If you have had the luxury of dating anytime during this century, I am sure you have kissed a couple of frogs along the way, or what we like to call them, fuck boys! Fuck boys are everywhere but they have this chameleon-like ability to attempt to blend in with the good guys due to their manipulative tactics. An important key to avoiding them is the ability to spot early warning signs that a guy is just not about the right! Here are some definite signs that you are interacting with a fuck boy and that you should run in the opposite direction as fast as you can!

  1. He always says “let’s hang out” but never specifies a date and/or time. He always wants to see you but never makes definite plans on it.
  2. He does not believe in labels or titles when it comes to defining the relationship but never places any boundaries on the relationship. Fuck boys LOVE situationships! If you listen to our SHEnanigans podcast, you can hear me say men only abide by the boundaries that we give them. It is a rarity that they say “let’s slow down” when you are involved with them. Don’t get trapped in the situationship cycle sis!
  3. He does not want you but does not want anyone else to have you. He does just enough or the bare minimum to keep you around but never locks it down.
  4. He is emotionally unavailable and/or not empathetic. He does not want to talk about his feelings and does not want you to talk about yours. He just does not want to get deep at all to be honest and wants everything to just stay on the surface level.
  5. He is more interested in hanging out at each other’s houses instead of going out and spending time in public. He is always into Netflix and chilling and “stopping by”.
  6. Fuck boys deflect and shift blame when they do something wrong. When you confront them, they try to flip it into being your fault and are very good at playing the victim.
  7. Fuck boys are good for going ghost! They are inconsistent. They won’t talk to you for a couple days without a real explanation. They just say they were busy.
  8. He does not have a real dating history. He has never really gotten serious with anyone throughout the years. That’s a major red flag!
  9. He has potential but his potential and his actions do not align. We see something that is just not there in them and that makes us blind to their actions and the reality of the connection.

If a guy you’re dating posses most of these qualities, I’m sorry to inform you sis but he’s a fuck boy! Don’t get trapped in the vicious cycle that most of us fall into. Count your losses and run.