At times, don’t you wish you could start simplifying your life? I understand we all have busy lives and sometimes things can be hectic. Whether its work, school, family or personal life, we are constantly overloaded with the duties of life. It has been a year since I graduated college and I feel like things have been sort of all over the place. I’m always asked how things are now and I’m constantly re-evaluating ways to make life a little bit easier. Simplicity will always be my go to solution when things are in a rut. Here are some things I fall victim to not doing enough of but life could be simpler if I just did them.

  1. Minimize Commitments

Learn the power saying no! You don’t always have to volunteer your time for things you know you really don’t have time for. I know us women tend to be Superwoman a lot but we have to be honest with ourselves and our time. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed before knowing when to take a step back. Remember, say no!

  1. Set Boundaries

Set clear cut boundaries with friends, coworkers/work and family. It is okay to say you’re not okay with something and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it. Just because you make boundaries doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend time or help others, but it allows you to have the space you need when you want and need it.

  1. Clear Up Digital Clutter

I’m notorious for saving pictures from social media, making notes, taking pictures or downloading apps and never using them. DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. I find myself doing a digital sweep to delete things I know I don’t need. Not only will this help make things easier to find but you will have more storage to keep things you really need. Just let it go.

  1. Practice Mindful Consumption

I’m sure all of us have bought things we know we don’t need. I know I definitely have. Before buying something you don’t need, ask yourself if you really need to make this purchase. Can you live life without it? Create a grocery or shopping list prior to going to the store. Know what you need to buy and don’t put anything in your cart that wasn’t on the list. When I started sticking to my list I saved money and didn’t buy unnecessary items.

  1. Stop Subscribing to Emails

Have you ever been to a store and they ask for your email? Then you start receiving emails that you don’t even read? I’m definitely guilty of this! Rule of thumb; just don’t give your email. I bet you may ask what about the subscriptions you are already subscribed to. I found myself recently going through my emails cancelling any subscriptions I know I do not utilize.

Sounds painless, right? Over the past year I have incorporated these things into my life and noticed I’m less stressed about things I can’t control and focused on the things I can. What are some ways you simplify your life?