A few weeks ago, we kicked off our No Fast Food Challenge for September and I shared a live broadcast about my fitness journey and how I stay on track. Sometimes I am focused – workouts are productive and hitting habits are great. Then there are times when “life” happens. It is always the balancing act of life and my wellness. In order to live a productive and healthy life, wellness is key. So there has to be a plan in order for both life and wellness to be fulfilled in a productive way.

When “life” happens for me, I am not organized and find myself spread too thin, while also not exercising as I should. That is why I am so excited for our #NoFastFoodChallenge2015. It is forcing me to get back to my A-game and refocus on my wellness and fitness goals. In the midst of the challenge, work has picked up and graduate school classes have begun! No time to cook, can’t have fast food – what am I going to do? Meal prep! I usually cook for the week but when you need to grocery shop and the week has started to weigh you down, being in the kitchen is not an ideal place. So I started to cook in bulk on Sundays or Mondays and items that I am able to freeze, I do! A little work is still required, but setting the oven to 350 degrees is so much easier than defrosting, cleaning, cutting, etc.

Even if you don’t meal prep and prefer to cook daily, there are better options than settling for a drive-thru meal. What we don’t realize is that that quick meal we are eating from fast food restaurants contains an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting. WOW! Never really looked at it from that perspective. What I am getting at is that we have to be more aware of what we are eating and putting into our bodies. How and what we eat is just as important for maintaining our fitness goals. It has been said that healthy bodies are made in the kitchen. Let’s think about it. When we cook our own meals we know exactly what is being put into the dishes, we are able to use portion control, and we know that the food has been handle in a safe, clean environment. These benefits alone make cooking at home that much more appealing. In addition to that, recipes are endless that way you won’t get tired of having the same old thing, like at fast food restaurants. I mentioned Ginger Soy Salmon and Over-Fried Panko Breaded Chicken during my scope. You can find these recipes in our health section soon.

Also there was a question posed from a viewer about grocery stores vs. whole foods. I personally shop at both because it fits my budget. I typically buy my fruits and vegetables from whole food/market stores like Fresh Thyme. At these places, they tend to be cheaper and marketed as locally grown. For poultry and fish, I shop wherever I can find a sale. I do buy these items in bulk and freeze them until I am ready to prepare a meal, because they are both versatile.

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